Fruits and vegetables improve mood

There's no doubt that fruits and vegetables are a valuable source of many substances which influence our health in a positive way. It occurs, that the positive consequences deriving from their consumption are much wider that we all thought. According to the scientific research, high consumption of fruits and vegetables positively influences our mood and mental condition!

 Healthy diet – healthy psyche

Scientific research proves that healthy diet may not only improve mood, but also decrease the risk of depression. One of the key factors, which is responsible for this interesting dependency, is eating vegetables and fruits. It is suspected that the following compounds are very important for improving mental condition:

  • folic acid,

  • flavonoids,

  • valproic acid (in this case the influence on the mood is particularly interesting).

All of the mentioned substances can be found in fruits and vegetables. What's important, their positive influence on mental condition is confirmed in scientific research.

Intriguing results

The results of research led by British scientists are very interesting. The authors used a special scale (so called state of mental well-being) to assess mental condition of over 14,000 adult volunteers. The way of eating was taken under consideration – including daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. They also took under consideration the information on nicotine addiction. It occurred that people who eat less fruits and vegetables have worse mood more often and sometimes experience extreme lowering of mood, they also have problems with excess weight. The authors of this research stated, on the basis of the results, that the increase of consumption of fruits and vegetables every day may be a simple and efficient way of improving mental health condition, which will decrease the risk of occurring the symptoms of depression.

Fruits and vegetables – only in basic form

It's good to remember, when interpreting the results of the research, that processed vegetables and fruits may not have many pro-health features which can be found in raw equivalents. Compots, jams, fruit bars, fruit yoghurts, drinks or juices, candied and dried fruits with the addition of sugar, are rather unwanted components of diet. You should always pay attention to the quality of eaten food products.


Many positive effects of eating fruits and vegetables regularly can be found. One of them is the improvement of mental condition and better mood, as well as lower inclination of having depressive states. Nowadays these factors are extremely valuable.