What is hydrotherapy?

Probably most of you had no problem with solving the puzzle and guessed what kind of procedure the mentioned hydrotherapy is. Of course, it's a natural therapy where water is used in therapeutic purposes (in chronic or acute diseases) or maintaining health. This kind of practices have long tradition - all kind of water treatments were already used in the times of the Roman Empire.

What should we know about hydrotherapy?

  • water in all states of matter is used (steam, ice, hot/cold liquid)
  • water has the thermoregulative and anti inflammatory properties, it relieves pain (often used in case of rheumatism), it improves blood circulation in the body
  • body put in water feels relief because of the alleviation in joints and muscles, it also strengthens the body; hydrostatic pressure influences the blood circulation and the inner organs functioning (depending on the depth of the water)
  • the beneficial effect of water can be supported by using additional mechanical factors (massager, brushes, showers, jacuzzi, etc.) and chemical factors (e.g. mineral baths, compresses, using oils, extracts, infusions)

People appreciate the multitude of applications of water treatments and use hydrotherapy very eagerly - it influences the cardiovascular system (it can increase/decrease the heart rate), respiratory tract (breathing exercises in water improve the depth of inhale and exhale, influence the capacity of lungs), inner organs (water can work as a stimulant or calm down the bowel movements), muscles and nervous system (it relaxes, calms down, reduces the irritability) positively. Additionally, water pevents from sleep disorder, eases colds, it is also used in acne treatment, it brings relief because it decreases or makes pain of any kind much smaller.
Water healing treatments are safe under the condition that they are done correctly. It is extremely important to diagnose the case appropriately and match proper methods / length / intensity of treatment. Chills, headaches, fainting, nervousness, stress, vomiting - these symptoms can appear when using hydrotherapy.