How to make your coffee work better?

Around 75% of adults drink coffee on a regular basis. In addition to its taste, the main reason for choosing this drink is its stimulating effect. Coffee affects the nervous system by reducing fatigue and energising. This effect is often used by physically active people - coffee is often treated as a functional pre-workout drink. Unfortunately, with its regular drinking, the effect is usually clearly weakening. It is worth considering what to do to strengthen it again and to once again feel the kick coffee consumption offers.

A bigger dose

Probably the easiest and most obvious way to increase the expected effects of the consumption of coffee is to increase the dose. In fact, if coffee made from one teaspoon stops working, its double portion should make you achieve the desired effect. The idea is not bad, but it has its limitations. The doses of caffeine cannot be increased indefinitely. While drinking a double espresso before your workout is not a reprehensible practice, a quadruple seems to be a controversial idea, or at least - border. Caffeine taken in too high doses can be harmful and it is worth remembering.


The most effective way to increase sensitivity to the substances contained in coffee is... a break from its consumption. Of course, as being a person who also starts their day from a cup of brew, I am well aware of how this idea sounds. Well, discontinuation of coffee at a time is initially tedious but may be useful. Firstly, usually after a few, and at most several days you are slowly begining to appreciate life at a little less speed. Second, you can always come back to drinking your coffee, and if you can hold on for 2-4 weeks, you may be well surprised how strong your little espresso turns out to be. Typically this is the period sufficient to feel the power of caffeine ingested again in regular doses.

To sum up

After analysing the subject of "enhancing coffee properties," you should think about what consequences of its consumption you want to achieve. If you wish to improve exercise capacity (whether physical or intellectual), you can drink coffee out of a meal or with little added sugar. If you want to intensify its slimming effect, delving into the sugar bowl would not be a good idea; desirable though may prove to be hot spices. From time to time you can simply increase the dose. With the "surfeit of receptors" the best option is to take break. Often already two weeks are enough to rediscover the stimulating power of coffee.