Do you want to fulfill you dreams, or just talk about them?

You want a sporty, muscular, firm body. You crave flat belly, lean waist, slim thighs, or – when looking in the mirror – you would like to see perfectly built, strong masculine arms. A moment before falling asleep you visualize the “perfect” version of your own body, and when talking to your friends, you keep saying that “the next day”, “next Monday”, “after the long weekend” you will start/make more intense actions to achieve your goals. You will start exercising, you will improve the quality of eaten food by limiting sweets and alcohol beverages, you will stop going to the parties – you will do all of that!

Don't count on good luck, coincidence, or a goldfish!

You have talked about it, you have dreamt about it, you moved your imagination, and? Nothing. Another day of your life looks exactly the same as previous ones. You can find at least a dozen of arguments not to go for a workout and you can explain eating a slice of pizza instead of a balanced meal with worse mood or problems. You also convince (yourself) that it's impossible to deny everything, and that each person has to have some pleasure from time to time... However, you should know, that you are the one who decides about your own life, what activities you do (and which ones you don't do). And you will be the only person in the world who you will be able to blame. Majority of people, who don't want to take responsibility for their own decisions, or when they want to justify lack of decisions, will use such an argument: “it's not my fault, it's the society's fault”... It's not the society that puts fast food to your mouth, it does not block the doors to the gym shouting “nooo, don't go there!”, and it's not the society that looks with dissatisfaction at your reflection in the mirror. You decide – you bear the consequences of your own choices.

You can prepare and eat a delicious apple pie or eat a few peeled, sprinkled with sugar apples, poured with an egg mixed with flour – the ingredients seem the same, but is the taste similar...?

It's not a mystery, and probably each person will agree with this statement, that we appreciate those things to which we have to make effort, sacrifice time and energy much more; we respect and feel satisfied with the success which was a challenge and needed a lot of hard work. That's the same reason why we sometimes don't act at all... these things need engagement, making decisions, often sacrifices, a lot of patience and humbleness, and – what can be problematic – stepping out from one's (very comfortable and safe) comfort zone. There's no doubt that it's much easier not to do anything, because there's no risk that we will not achieve the things from dream zone. Success is closely connected with taking risk.

“No risk no gain” or “it's better to try and fail than not try at all” - which option do you choose?

Knowing what you want, what you would like to achieve, how you would like to look, what to eat – answer the following question:

Do you want to fulfill your dreams or just talk about them?