Anti-stress power of smile

Stress is an indispensable element of life, and, against common belief, it doesn't always bring negative effects. Stress can be motivating, provoke changes – also those positive ones. However, it has to happen under the condition that the strength of stressful trigger will not be bigger than the adaptive abilities of the body. As the research shows, there is a simple way to increase one's chances to win the fight with excess stress and, at the same time, feel better – just smile...

 Smile – not only for contentment

According to the scientific psychological observations, smile, apart from being certain demonstration of current happiness and enjoyment, can be an important element in stress management. When we smile in a very stressful situation, we can effectively improve our mood and increase the chance of going back to the inner balance. Smile is not only the symptom of contentment, but also a „tool” to feel better and reduce unnecessary tension.

An interesting scientific experiment!

American scientists have done a very interesting experiment in laboratories. They measured the reaction and the level of stress of students who were submitted to different inconvenient trials. It occurred, that the participants who were smiling had lower level of stress comparing to people with rather neutral facial expressions. What's most interesting, the influence of a so-called forced smile (in quite an unusual way, the smile was created with a use of special rods put in the mouths of the volunteers). What did the scientists find out? That even a forced smile can ease stress significantly and influence the adaptive abilities of the body in a positive way. The scientists sum up their research in the following way: smiling during stressful situations (but limited in time, like standing in traffic jam or queuing) can lower the stress intensity. Therefore, it's good to smile also in situations when we don't feel like doing it... Even if it is forced, smile can be an ally when fighting against the negative effects of stress. It's worth underlining that there are also researches pointing out that smile is good for the heart's and the circulatory system's condition.


Scientific research shows that smile helps to cope with stressful situations. Therefore, instead of being worried and increase negative emotions, it's good to take a deep breath and just smile.