Do you want to improve the body aesthetics? Avoid negative people!

Being an extreme pessimist and grumbler may be unhealthy. As it turns out, such attitude may also be unpleasant for people from the closest surrounding – it reflects the motivation and engagement, it causes that an aesthetic and sporty figure stays in the dream zone.

 Negative surrounding = bigger waistline?

Unfortunately, you can get infected by “bad energy”, which influences negatively the comfort of life and the body aesthetics. As the specialists' observations prove, people who stay in relationship with toxic people (friends, family) much more often have problems with body mass and composition comparing to others who are free from such behaviour. How can we recognise a person full of negative energy? Such a delinquent is permanently dissatisfied, frustrated, sceptical, criticises everything, very often complains, doesn't take up any challenges (“because nothing makes sense anyway”), s/he would rather complain on the life's injustices. The “fattening” potential of a relationship of this type is mostly connected with creating additional stress, as well as with the efficient lowering of motivation – because how many times can you hear the following: “you won't make it to improve the body aesthetic”, together with the whole list of sad, frustrating justifications. In case when the toxic person lacks arguments, there appear statements concerning the transitoriness of achieved effects, and it may also be supported by depreciation of their importance, often in a very sad way (e.g. “so what you lost weight, if you are still short”).

How to cope with negative surrounding?

There is no universal way for the “energy vampires” from your closest surrounding. At first you should realize how negative such babble may have on the efficiency of actions aimed at improving the body aesthetics. Another thing, I think it's the most obvious one, is limiting contact with people who bring you down and choose those who are open-minded and positive. However, this matter may be more complicated if such negative energy comes from your closest family, with which you share house – e.g. from the parents or the partner. Nevertheless, you can try to take control over your own goals. It may be strange, but avoiding arguments on particular subjects and the consequent realisation of your action plan helps in such situations. Although the beginning may be hard, by using the technique of small steps, you can work out some compromise, and you can even inspire the closest people to choose similar path. What else can you do? Choose motivated and positive people to surround you, try to be assertive, concentrate on priorities, appreciate the progress and don't let yourself go into the trap of bad emotions.


The closest surrounding may influence the efficiency of undertaken actions directed at the improvement of body aesthetics. Extreme pessimists, who are dissatisfied with life and themselves, as well as critical of other people's actions, may cause worsening of problems connected with excess body fat. It's worth to remember that fact and avoid engaging in such relationships.