Sweets and ageing skin

Slim waistline is not the only reason why it's good to resign from refined sugar in the everyday menu. As scientists suggest, nutrition influences the skin condition in a meaningful way, and if we want to keep smooth and firm complexion for many years, we should limit consuming confectionery significantly.

 Sweets and the process of ageing skin

Specialists agree that diet rich in refined sugar fosters the occurrence of earlier symptoms of ageing skin. Wrinkles appear much faster, skin loses firmness and doesn't look as fresh and attractive as before. Why does it happen? Sugar strengthens the process of proteins glycation, which results in creating advanced glycation end products (AGE), which harm collagen and elastin (proteins responsible for the condition of our complexion) permanently. There appears flabbiness, furrows, and the skin starts to look as if it was tired and much older than it really is. What's interesting, this is not the only way that diet rich in sugar speeds up the first symptoms of ageing skin. According to scientists, as a result of consuming a lot of sweets, skin isn't firm because it loses type III collagen (the most stable, the longest ones, which give firmness to the skin) – it is converted into type I collagen. Yet, another matter is that the advanced glycation end products (AEG) disturb the work of antioxidant enzymes, which is why skin is even more prone to damages, including those caused by other factors, such as the solar radiation.

How to improve the menu?

If you want to look healthy and fresh for many years, besides investing in expensive cosmetics and procedures, it's worth getting interested in the content of the plate, especially in products rich in refined sugar. Among those products there are: sweets, confectionery and table sugar. However, it's good to stay alert, as you can find this ingredient in almost all processed food products, sometimes in immense amount. And so, you can find sugar in bread, some beverages (e.g. fizzy drinks, alcohol, juice), syrups, breakfast products (muesli, porridge), processed dairy products (taste yoghurt, milk, cheese), instant meals, cold meat and many other. Only thorough inspection can save us from consuming that much sugar, which fosters worsening health, body aesthetics, and makes us look older.


Passion for sweets and other food products containing sugar seems to be very dangerous for the condition of skin and the prophylaxis of wrinkles formation. It's another time when we have to pay much for just one moment of pleasure caused by eating something sweet...