The underestimated ways of improving attractiveness

Nowadays, appearance and attractiveness seem to be very important. Therefore, the popularity of all beauty procedures: cosmetic, hairdressing or aesthetic, is much bigger. However, it's good to know, that the way other people see us – especially the opposite sex – is influenced by nutrition and lifestyle factors. Here are the ways of improving attractiveness.

You should definitely read:

 Eat fruits and vegetables!

According the the results of research, people whose diets are rich in fruits and vegetables are perceived as more attractive than people whose menus are poor in plant-origin food products. Such dependency is explained with the condition and colour of complexion – diet rich in plant-origin food products is often related with healthier colour and state of complexion. Whereas, the deficit of fruits and vegetables can be often related with grey and definitely less attractive skin.

Care about your scent

It's surprising, but the sense of smell may be very important when assessing attractiveness – not everybody realizes that. In nature, unpleasant scent may help to fight against potential predator, which may make the survival of species impossible. When it comes to people, scents, and the sensibility to them, have special power – they can modify attractiveness, which is confirmed in scientific research. When pictures of particular women or men were shown under laboratory conditions, depending of the surrounding scents, each person seemed more or less attractive. To be more precise, pleasant smell (e.g. flower aroma) influences positively the assessment of attractiveness, whereas all kinds of scents classified as unpleasant (e.g. fish smell) make us look worse in the eyes of the opposite (and not only) sex.

Sleep well!

Good-quality sleep is important in the eyes of others. The results of research done by scientists from Sweden show that sleep deprivation significantly influences attractiveness. People who don't sleep enough time are often perceived as less aesthetic, and their health condition is thought to be poor. Face of a person deprived of sleep often has unhealthy colour, eyes are congested and seem smaller, they are also surrounded by bruises, which is unconsciously linked with weak health and is far from the attractiveness ideal. If you want to invest in your look, start with sleeping well – about 8 hours of uninterrupted rest may do wonders.

Care about the body composition!

It's getting more common to think that the attractiveness of both, men and women, is closely connected not only with the body weight, but its composition. The preferences towards the percentage of body fat for the opposite sex may be strongly individual and dependent on many factors and circumstances. However, scientists have set some universal values. And so, the most attractive men, in the eyes of women, are those who have 12% of body fat. In case of women, the most attractive are those who range between 20-25% of body fat. As you can see, the determinant of an aesthetic and pretty figure is not necessarily body weight, but its composition.


You can take care of your look in many different ways. As it occurs, whether a person seems more or less attractive for others, depends on basic matters which are often neglected and are replaced by beauty or aesthetic procedures. If you care about the improvement of your attractiveness, invest in good sleep, proper way of eating and personal hygiene, as well as in physical activity, thanks to which you will take care of proper body composition.