Increasing waistline – what should you pay attention to?

Gradual increase of waistline is a signal that the body composition gets worse because of gathering excess body fat. The reason for this are obvious for many people – too many calories compared to the demand. However, as experience shows, actions undertaken by people with such problem in a form of limiting consumed food, do not improve the situation. What should you know about increasing waistline, how can you stop the pace of the change and how can you get your old measurements back?

Waistline, nutrition habits and psychological aspects

Gaining weight in an uncontrolled way may be caused by consuming excess amount of food. Lack of ability of monitoring the quality and quantity of eaten food may be various. It is sometimes caused by laziness, sometimes by psychological problems, such as lack of ability of coping with stress or emotions. Generally, experts point out, that eating without the feeling of hunger, as well as consuming highly-processed food fosters gaining weight. It's good to know that products rich in refined sugar, purified flour and small amount of nutritious compounds do not satiate, but even awake hunger. Additionally, all kinds of “junk food” consumed regularly make us addicted to them.

Why does waistline matter?

We used to consider body fat around waistline only in the context of body aesthetics. There's nothing strange in it, because big bellies and love handles are not appealing, what can be noticed during summer. However, you should remember the fact that increasing waistline suggests health problems, e.g. progressive insulin resistance, or lipid economy disorder. What's interesting, specialists point out, that the risk of occurrence of some diseases, e.g. heart diseases, diabetes, cancer (e.g. breast cancer among women in post-menopausal age) rises together with the bigger waistline.

How can I help myself?

Most of all, you have to realize, that when you act in a rash way, you can make the problem worse. The best solution would be removing “junk food” from your menu and replacing it with valuable food products. However, you should remember, that current way of eating and lifestyle were not adjusted to the possibilities and needs of our body, therefore, they need improvement – without regret and extremely sad emotions. Only permanent change of nutrition habits and lifestyle may cause long-lasting solution of the problem. Additionally, it's worth working on self-control, improve and develop stress management techniques and care about regular physical activity.

What are the most frequent mistakes?

Majority of mistakes connected with the reduction diet are caused by the desire of achieving outstanding results in short time. Therefore, you can hear about starvation or gimmicky diets, or “magic” supplements. Other important matters which make it harder to achieve goals are:

  • lack of consequence and the seasonality of implemented changes,

  • the way of eating mismatched to the needs of particular body (e.g. too low-calorific diet, based on non-filling and distasteful meals),

  • aversion to physical activity.


The most frequent reason of gradual increase of waistline is eating anything, independently from the feeling of hunger, as well as consuming processed food which makes us want to eat more low-quality food. There is only one way of coping with it – permanent change of nutrition habits combined with regular physical activity.