Two weeks of idleness can decrease your strength by 30%!

That's definitely bad news for people who prefer doing nothing during holidays. Lying on a beach may negatively influence physical condition, even if there is moderation in eating and drinking. The result of total idleness may be the reduction of muscle strength even by 30%! It's also easy to observe the loss of muscle mass.

Holiday standards

For people who work hard during the whole year doing their job or studying, and working out at the same time, the perspective of blithe inactivity on the beach may seem extremely interesting. In fact, human body needs rest for proper functioning. But, it doesn't have to be totally passive relaxation based on lying on a deck chair. It's worth taking care of the activity which wouldn't be static.

Interesting results of research

In the context of the described issue, there are very interesting results of research done by Danish scientists from the Copenhagen University. The authors decided to check the speed of losing muscle mass and strength when the level of activity is drastically limited. The test was done among young and old men. All the participants had one of their legs immobilized in such a way that all its muscles were unable to work. The volunteers underwent special tests before and after the experiment.

It occurred that after two weeks of “switching off” the leg there was significant loss of muscle strength. Younger participants noticed decrease of over 30%, older men – about 25%. By the way, the loss of muscles was also observed. Younger volunteers lost almost half a kilo of muscle tissue, older – about 250g. The differences between those groups of men were mainly caused by the differences in starting levels of muscle strength and mass – they were higher among young men, therefore, the loss was more significant in the end. This fact is particularly alarming. For it turned out that the better trained we are, the worse idleness is for us. Good news is that it's possible to regain the loss very quickly, however, the results of the mentioned research are impressive.


As the Danish scientists proved, total idleness may be deadly for sports shape. Of course, in the mentioned test the limb was completely inactive, which happens really rarely, even during the laziest holidays. Nevertheless, you should know that lack of activity influences muscle strength and mass negatively. Physically active people who care about keeping their sports shape should plan their vacation in a way to include at least some kind of leisure physical activity.