Do you like sunbathing? Beware of citrus fruits!

Eating citrus fruits has a lot of benefits. It's good to consume them because of health reasons, as well as their taste – they refresh and taste great on hot days. However, as it occurred, people who are directly exposed to sunlight should be careful of eating these fruits.

 Citrus fruits and sunbathing – an interesting dependency

For a long time scientists have suspected that some citrus fruits, and also some kinds of citrus juice, may increase the sensitivity of skin towards sunlight, what may lead to sunburns and increased risk of skin cancer development. These observations seem to be confirmed in the results of research done by the specialists from the Brown University recently published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology. The connection between consuming citrus fruits and products made of them, especially grape fruits and orange juice, with increased risk of occurrence of melanoma has been pointed out. The research was done among health service workers who were 26 years old and older. It was indicated that consuming citrus fruits or citrus juice 1.5 times a day increased the sensitivity of skin towards sunlight significantly (by 36%), comparing to people who eat such fruits occasionally (not more often than once a week). The scientists mention that particular compounds found in citrus fruits – called psoralens and furanocoumarins, which can be found in grape fruits and oranges in high doses – are responsible for such influence on skin.

What should we pay attention to?

Citrus fruits are precious ingredients of menu and their consumption has many advantages for health. The research mentioned above needs further analysis because it may have serious limitations. However, it's good to stay careful during the exposure towards sunlight when eating citrus fruits regularly, especially if a person has fair complexion and many moles – in such situation properly high sunscreens should be used, such people should avoid being exposed to sunlight for a long time and protect delicate parts of the body. According to the scientists' observations, skin may be more sensitive to sunlight even few hours after eating grapefruit or drinking orange juice.


You should not beware of eating citrus fruits, there are many benefits connected with their consumption. However, it's worth being careful with consuming such fruits when you plan to stay outside in sunlight for many hours because it may increase the possibility of occurrence of sunburns and make the risk of melanoma higher.