How to lose weight and not go bankrupt?

Against common belief, excess amount of body fat, together with overweight and obesity, are not necessarily connected with prosperity and high economic status. Nowadays, problems with body composition are often the consequence of tight budget and easy access to cheap and low-quality food products.

 First concerns about financial matters show up when we want to improve body aesthetics and health. Many people resign from any attempt because of limited budget – they often don't do any research in this area. You can find a lot of information in the media about sophisticated diets based on exotic and expensive ingredients or supplements, and various kinds of physical activities which need costly equipment. Whereas, with some willingness you can improve the quality of eaten food and start regular physical activity without going bankrupt. Here are some helpful tips:

Use free tools!

The truth is, the knowledge on balanced and proper nutrition is not a secret available only for few people. When you have the Internet, you can easily look for valuable information and helpful tips – not only from the experts, but also from people with similar problems. You can exchange knowledge and experience e.g. on sports forum, but it's worth initiating topics and not expect ready-made solutions – but verify hesitations and observations. You can find many articles on efficient reduction of body fat connected with the analysis of particular cases at This portal also gives free access to such tools, as meals diary and calculators, which are an ally of each person who cares about nutrition on his/her own.

Don't choose shortcuts because you'll overpay!

As long as we don't want to spend money for good-quality food products, we accept the payment for expensive “marvelous” slimming products. The disappointment caused by lack of effects in such situation seems adequate to the amount of money spent unnecessarily. That's why it's good to plan the budget and avoid spending money on things which are not indispensable to achieve dream goals. Just like in case of expensive products advertised as easy-to-use and efficient on the way of improving body aesthetics, it's not worth buying expensive fat burners. Lack of extra expensive brand clothes is also not a contraindication to start regular physical activity – you should remember that.

Make better choices during shopping!

Grocery shopping is the best moment for making irrational decisions – thinking about the quality and nutrition value of food, as well as the economical aspects. Valuable food products don't have to be expensive; well-balanced menu doesn't have to be based on beef tenderloin, sea fruit or caviar. If you base your menu on cheaper meat, offal, dairy products, eggs, vegetables and fruits (of which price varies according to season), you don't risk going bankrupt and you can improve health condition and body aesthetics.

Prepare your meals at home!

We often don't realize how much money we lose when buying ready-made meals and snacks. Bars, biscuits, drinks, fast food meals – if you eliminate these from everyday menu, you can find money for good-quality food products. Whereas, preparing meals on your own will definitely help with working on the body aesthetics – it's a better way to take control over the quality and amount of eaten food.


Losing excess body fat is a process which needs energy, engagement and some financial means. With small amount of effort and rational resource management, you can lose kilograms efficiently and not risk going bankrupt.