Why is summer good time to start working on the shape?

Staying on a beach makes it easy to notice those who have cared for their bodies as well as healthy eating, and those who had no time and opportunity to do that... It's normal that an aesthetic fit body is impressive, it may inspire others to work on their bodies, too. Although majority of decisions connected with body fat reduction, or improving body aesthetics in general, usually happen at the end of each year, the truth is, there's nothing on the way of starting doing it now. It occurs that summer is a great time to start the adventure aimed at improving the appearance and health. Here are the reasons:

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Although a healthy and well-balanced menu includes valuable sources of proteins, carbs and fat, the integral part of it are fruits and vegetables. Apart from the fact that they are very beneficial for health because of the nutrition value, fresh vegetables, and especially fruits, have one more advantage – their palatability, juiciness and fresh taste take away the attention from low-quality snacks, such as sweets or crisps. During summer, many kinds of fruits and vegetables are available at low price. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, watermelons and others are worth our attention. From the group of vegetables – any seasonal ones are recommended, e.g. tomatoes, lettuce, string beans, new potatoes, cucumbers, etc.

Nicer weather fosters undertaking physical activity

When it's cold and raining outside, we often don't feel like going out from home, we just want to stay in bed with a package of our favourite biscuits in one hand and a remote control in the other. Whereas summer is a beautiful season which fosters undertaking physical activity, also the spontaneous one, not connected with sports. As you know, movement is an indispensable element supporting work on the body aesthetics. Besides, you can try out different kinds of activities which are not available in other seasons – like swimming in an outdoor swimming pool.

Better mood

It's a scientifically proven fact, that nice weather influences our mood in a positive way, which is very important during working on the body aesthetics. Positive and constructive attitude makes it much easier to fight against any obstacles, find motivation and engagement, increase efficiency of actions. Therefore, it's worth using summer peak of mental condition to work on the imperfections of the body.

It's easier to control appetite

High temperatures have one positive aspect connected with body aesthetics, which should be appreciated mostly by people who want to reduce body fat. Both, the results of scientific research, and my own observations show, that heat helps control even the most awake appetite. Because of that, the attacks of gluttony are observed much more rarely than during other seasons, and when appropriate nutrition procedures are introduced, “surviving” in the calorific deficit conditions should be no problem.


The truth is, that each time is right to start working on the body aesthetics. Summer is good, because there are no celebrations connected with gormandizing (Christmas, Easter), and there are many other favourable circumstances which can be easily used to improve the efficiency of undertaken actions.