Fashion for being fit, six-pack and self-perception

The image on fitness channels may indicate that six-pack abs causes happiness and makes people finally feel well in their own bodies. Whereas, the biggest problem of majority of people is self-acceptance. It is often accompanied with many negative emotions. As a result, it leads to starvation diets, long-lasting aerobic exercises, as well as detestation of one's body.

Undertaking any actions is good because it leads to changes and thanks to them we are starting to be more aware and healthy. However, we should be happy with the ongoing process of changes.

It's easy to get caught in a vicious circle of chasing behind the perfect body. First of all, it does not exist. Secondly, we shouldn't compare to others. Each person is different.

Be a better you!

Health vs Fitness

You cannot write an equality sign between healthy eating with physical activity and preparing body to fitness competition!

I suppose many people think it is almost the same process and that the change of eating habits (from consuming a lot of chocolate and crisps to more balanced meals) will lead them to the shape of a fitness champion.

Unfortunately, it's not true. At least for vast majority of the society.

Of course, there are people who will get six-pack abs quite fast and naturally. However, only few will experience it. And it will probably not concern women.

It's also worth realizing that silhouettes ready to competitions are often results of pharmacological supplementation, which, I don't know why, is getting more accepted in the fitness world. It is also and effect of aiming at “improving the perfection”.

The composition of a plate based on vegetables, meat/fish, good-quality carbohydrates and fat in majority of meals during a day will be a good step towards health for a regular person.

Is it enough to get six-pack abs? Probably not.

Achieving shape for competitions needs much more work and sacrifices. It requires checking each gram of food, times of meals, etc. It is often connected with the feeling of hunger, exhaustion, long cardio exercises, bad mood, or no power.

Would I recommend chasing the competition silhouette to a woman who just wants to be healthier and slightly slimmer? Definitely not.

Is six-pack on the abs for 365 days a year in case of a woman a sign of health? Or maybe when it's not there, it is a reason for hating one's body? Twice NO.

For many women it's not natural to have their abs visible at all times. Is it a reason to hate one's body? NO

Many people have problem with that. However, you cannot trick the nature. I don't encourage anybody to resign from their goals or aiming at achieving them.

It's worth exercising and checking the content of a plate.

I don't recommend wondering if a person can eat 5 strawberries more than usually and the pressure of doing cardio on empty stomach every morning, because it's the right thing to do.

It's not!