Parents do not notice that their children are overweight

There's quite a lot of information about the problems connected with excess body weight among the youngest. However, it occurs that many parents don't think that their children have excess amount of body fat. This is alarming, because it exposes children to the increased risk of having many serious ailments, especially in adulthood.

Where do the problems with body mass and composition among children come from?

Apart from some serious health problems, the basic reasons for excess amount of body fat among children are wrong eating habits. The menu, even of the youngest children, is rich in refined sugars, saturated fat and trans-fats and a lot of salt. It is poor in vegetables, fruits and other valuable sources of macro nutrients, vitamins or minerals. An average child's menu contains a lot of sweets, sweet beverages, sweet breakfast products – children also love crisps, chips and pizza. When they form their eating habits, they copy their closest surrounding – parents, grandparents and peers. It's worth underlining that the youngest are extremely prone to marketing transmissions – an advert of poor-quality food products with their favourite cartoon character strongly influences their imagination and makes them crave such product. On the other hand, the parents' awareness concerning healthy food is poor. Adults sometimes don't realize how a healthy menu, based on unprocessed food, should look. Therefore, you can often find on the parents' and children's plates products, such as sweetened diary products or cereals, which are not so valuable – against advertisement. The way of thinking suggesting that “a child will grow out of it” may be fatal.

It does sometimes happen that children lose excess kilograms during growing up, but it's not a rule – they are often loaded with additional risk of occurrence of many diseases, their attitude towards food is also unhealthy which can lead to some serious nutrition disorders. Another issue, which is really important for kids, is low or none physical activity. The scientists' observations show that the problems with body mass and composition concern more often the youngest from families with lower economical status.

Why don't parents see that their children are overweight?

The specialists point out that majority of parents don't even notice the fact that their child is overweight. It's hard to explain the reason for such phenomenon in one word, however, it has psychological basis on the one hand – we often see our children through rose-tinted glasses, on the other, people often think that a chubby child is a healthy child, and the appetite is caused by development and growth of the child, therefore, it suggests health. Against appearances, it is quite a serious situation – other publications show that parents who are aware of the child's problems with weight are eager to undertake actions which would normalize the situation by improving their own wrong eating habits. Lack of awareness leads to lack of any actions.


Our eating habits are created during childhood. Many parents undervalue the role of healthy eating in the child's development and are not aware of the consequences of their behaviour. What's also important, the symptoms showing the abnormalities are sometimes ignored – one of them is excess body fat.