I take “fat burner” but there are no effects – why?

Nowadays, the market of diet supplements offers unlimited choice of various products supporting losing weight. So-called “fat burners”, which act thermogenically, are really popular, as they speed up metabolism and make it easier to work on the shape – at least theoretically. Practically speaking, opinions on those products are different, on the one hand, there are enthusiastic comments, on the other – many people complain that using such inventions brings no effects. It's worth wondering why it is like that.

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Fat burner is not a magic pill

At first, you have to realize that slimming supplements do not act spectacularly. Their influence on the pace of losing weight is slight, and sometimes none. Such products do include substances which are thermogenic (they strengthen releasing energy in a form of warmth), but it does not mean that right after including them in your diet, you will start losing kilograms and centimetres. The participation of thermogenics on the final effect can be assessed on the level of few per cent.

Base: diet and training

Some time ago I heard a statement, according to which “a good fat burner should cause losing weight without any diet”. This phrase is rather wishful because there isn't such thing as “no diet”. Diet is a way of eating, so, each person has one. The problem is adjusting the diet to the aims and needs of each body. Say, you are able to lose 100 or 200 kcal more with “fat burner”, but if you choose wrong food products and you exceed the energetic demand by 500 kcal, you will definitely not lose weight. What's more – you will put on weight despite using supplement!

Not all products are efficient

The fact that a producer calls a product “super effective thermogenic”does not mean that there are any positive effects after using it. It sometimes happens that such products are based on inefficient ingredients or – on too small doses of its ingredients. It's hard to expect strong thermogenic (and stimulating) effect after using products with less than 100 – 200 mg of caffeine in a daily dose. The amount of this substance during a day should range between 3 to 6 mg per 1 kg of body mass (unless the sensitivity to this alkaloid is high, then the amount should be lower). The situation with green tea, bitter orange or ginger essence, is similar. The amount of these components on the level of few milligrams really doesn't matter for our physiology. It's worth buying proven products which have good opinions.

The tolerance increases quickly

Products with thermogenic properties have limited action in time. After few weeks of using them you should either increase a dose, or put them away and take a break from them (at least 2 weeks). Otherwise, you will notice no positive effects from the supplementation. It's best to include “burners” at the end of reduction or to break impasse. The most preferable cycles are those lasting 3-4 weeks (constant dose), or 7-8 weeks (progressing doses). It's also sensible to change products. It may cause releasing new triggers for the body to burn spare fat more intensively.


Using thermogenic products may, or may not, be helpful during body fat reduction. However, such products are only complementary to a good diet and well-thought training.