Is it true that ice cream does not fatten? Or better: it helps you lose weight?

Recently, several times have I come across a popular theory that the you can have ice cream guiltlessly because "they are not fattening". Not only that, you can hear statements according to which ice cream contains "negative calories". In other words: thanks to eating ice cream you burn more energy than it provides. These assumptions at first glance seem unlikely, but it is worth taking a closer look at this fact to find out if these trheories can have a grain of truth.

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Ice cream values

Ice cream actually have many advantages that turn out to be particularly valuable in the summer heat; their biggest advantage is of course its temperature. It gives you relief from the scorcher and plesant refreshment. Furthermore, a substantial portion of ice cream is characterized by a relatively low calorific value (at least in comparison to other sweets such as whipped cream, chocolate bars). Particulary "dietary" are sorbets and milk ice cream: without addition of chocolate. And of course - ice cream is simply delicious! In the course of my entire nutritionist career I have never met a person who wouldn't like it.

Is ice cream actually slimming? Or at least "not fattening"?

Ice cream types differ considerably in energy value; it depends on used ingredients. The least calorific are sorbets, the most: ice cream with high content of cream, chocolate, dried fruits and sugar-larded sauce. While the former provide usually no more than 100 - 120kcal per 100g, in case of the latter energy value in 100g of ice cream with various toppings sometimes can make four times sorbet's result (but such ice cream is mainly served in restaurants and coffee shops; regular products rarely exceed 300kcal). So judging by common sense it is clear that you can gain weight from ice cream. Well, it turns out that some experts have different opinions and argue their points persuasively.

Taken from the media

The most common and most persuasive argument which is supposed to explain how it happens that you can gorge on ice cream with no guilt, at the same time loosing weight is... its temperature. What is interesting is that not only "ice cream maniacs" but also some professionals proclaim this belief. Statements like that can be found on one of popular portals, in the section which deals with physical activity, nutrition and weight loss:

In order for your organism to digest food it needs to be heated to body temperature. And in the case of ice cream you need a lot of energy to do it. The body draws it from its stocks, that is... fat tissue!

So according to this rule, ice cream consumption forces the body to use fat reserves. In other words, ice cream intensify fat burning because it's cold! That's not all. Ice cream also has slimming properties. The very same article says:

In addition, it is worth noting that thanks to the fact that it (ice cream) is heavily aerated, its large volume is relatively low in calories.

Another advantage of ice cream is its relatively low caloric content by volume. In fact, energy density is an important aspect except that it typically refers to the weight and not the volume that is artificially increased by the presence of air. According to this principle I could glorify advantages of cotton candy...

The abovementioned statements are not isolated. At the beginning of July in a TV programme a view of a dietician expert was presented. She assured that your body burns up more energy to heat ice cream in the gastrointestinal tract than what this desert actually delivers... Here is a quote: