How to work out not to lose motivation?

You have tried going to the gym many times, you have also promised yourself to start running or exercising regularly at home. But it always ends up the same way. You are discouraged, lose motivation, you have no self-discipline? What to do not to lose the eagerness to exercises and achieve your goal this time?

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Benefit from summer, spend active time outdoors

The motivation to work out is crucial for achieving success. It's even more important than inborn abilities, conditions, time or money. According to a psychologist, Janusz Reykowski, the motivational tension appears when there is a belief that it's possible to achieve the goal.

So, start with setting a goal. Remember that it has to be ralistic. Before starting hard training, think what you really care about. Don't plan that you will lose 5 kilogrames during a month, or that you'll run a marathon. It's important to keep your goal possible to achieve. It's good to set short-term goals which will gradually take you closer to your main goal. If you want to improve your appearance and be more fit, try thinking about it as a side effect of training. Large goals mean introducing large changes, which can be even overwhelming and take away the 'weak' strong will which was gathered to create a goal. Setting gradual goals, challenging on one hand, but still within your abilities, will make them most probably achievable. The goals you achieve build your motivation, that's why it's so important to define them correctly.

Aim should be concrete, measurable and set in time

I'll “gain shape” or “lose weight” are not properly set goals. They are neither concrete, or measurable (it's possible to lose no kilograms but a lot of fat), or set in time.

How should a well-defined goal look?

If, let's say, you're starting your adventure with running, your goal may be:

“I'll run 30 minutes without stopping in a month.”

This aim is specific, doable, we can easily check it if we managed to achieve it, it is also set in time.

If your goal sounds like this: “I want to lose few kilos, shape abs and firm buttocks, as well as keep large bust. I don't want to build muscles and look like a man.” It means, you don't really know what you want to achieve. If you want to have firm buttocks, no skin hanging from your arms, believe me, you do want to build muscles. If you want to lose some weight, you have to realize that there's no possibility of controlling the place the fat is going to be burnt from. Perhaps bust will be the first place to get smaller.

Strength training will not make you look like a man, women's physiology is not the same as men's. Make sure your aim is specific and precise it according to the tips above.

You finally know your goal. Great! What's next? Plan how you want to achieve it. Training plan is a base. Don't go to the gym without knowing what you're going to do there. You have to have a plan if you want to achieve your goal. Following the plan will let you do the right job. You will not lose time then!

Take notes after each workout. Write down your progress. Be happy with your small successes and you will notice that it will lead you to your goal.

At the beginning of the adventure with strength training or running, it's good to use the instructor's or an experienced friend's help. A common reason of losing motivation and encouragement among women who start their journey with the gym is lack of self-confidence and lack of knowledge of the machines and exercises. Ask somebody to help you who could introduce you to this world. When you get to know the place, people and exercises, you will feel much more confident and your motivation will definitely not fly away that quickly.

Remember that physical activity should make you feel well. Don't treat workouts like a punishment. Exercises, in order to be efficient, should be pleasant. Working on the body should be as satisfying as the result in a form of improved appearance. When you build the motivation to train, start with those activities, which bring you joy.

And, finally, you have to realize that you're doing this just for yourself. Yes, You are the most important! If you want to lose weight for your boyfriend or please the members of your family, your chances to keep up are smaller. Remember to start with setting realistic goal, it's best to divide it into small, short-term tasks. Set a plan, control progress and start fulfilling it. You can also let yourself have real fun during training from time to time.