How to get rid of the craving for sweets?

The fight against sweets is uneven for many. Ever since childhood, we identify them with joy, pleasure and prize. We take these habits to adulthood. The trials of not eating sweets often end with failure. What can I do to win this time?

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Sugar like a drug

Sweets are ready-made food products with sweet taste, they are usually produced from sugar with the addition of milk, water, cocoa, desiccated coconut and nuts.

The compound found in all sweets is, of course, SUGAR. It gives the sweet taste and is the main reason why it's so hard to resign from eating such things.

Refined sugar is mainly saccharose made from sugar cane (cane sugar), or sugar beet (beet sugar).

Sugar is nowadays thought to be the main cause of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes. Artificial sweeteners just seem to be the perfect solution – they are calories-free, yet hundred times sweeter. However, sweeteners are not good for health, because, instead of preventing from diabetes, they can foster its development. The reason is that they influence the intestinal bacteria and lead to the disturbance of the glucose tolerance by a healthy body.

The best solution is, therefore, resigning not only from sugar, but also from artificial sweeteners.

Why is it so hard to achieve that? We associate sweet taste with something pleasant. After eating sugar, we receive a fast boost of energy and we feel well. After eating one biscuit, we feel nice and blissfully, the brain is flooded with endorphins. But it lasts for a very short time. Why? Sweets have high glycemic index, which causes high blood glucose very fast, after which it falls rapidly. The change of the level of glucose causes the release of insulin which makes sugar drop below the starting level. That's just a straight way to reach for another biscuit. This reaction is strongly addictive. Sugar influences human body like a drug, that's why it's so hard to resign from it.

What can I do to achieve success this time?

The best solution is to resign from sugar, sweeteners and ready-made products with the addition of sugar at all.

At first, it may be hard. But remember that sugars is addictive. Plan a two-week detox from sugar (I also suggest excluding wheat and products made of it). Let fruits be the only sweets during that time. Eat them in moderate amount. The best would be adding them to the meals.

After this time you have to decide yourself if you really need sugar.

What can I do to survive two weeks without any sugar?

Inform your friends and family about your plan. It will be easier if they support you instead of suggesting eating ice-creams. You can go and eat some steak or salad if you want.

Clean your house from the forbidden products. Don't keep any sugar, biscuits or candies at home. This way you will not grab them in the moment of weakness.

Remember, that in order to eat healthy, you have to have healthy food in the fridge. So, do some proper shopping. Buy a lot of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and eggs. Choose only those products which have not been processed a lot.

Don't starve and make sure your food is interesting. Food should supply, most of all, all the necessary substances, but also cause pleasure. Remember that fat is the largest carrier of taste. Plan your meals and get inspired by the recipes from blogs or internet sites. You will definitely not get bored or hungry.

Persuade a friend or a partner for common detox, it will make you feel better.

When you feel doubtful, think that sugar destroys your teeth and your body, it makes you addicted and leads to diabetes and many other diseases.

If you are able to last two weeks on sugar detox, you can congratulate yourself. I suggest continuing this behaviour. If you finish detox and you decide consciously not to eat sugar, you can treat yourself with some “cheat” meal from time to time. It's important, however, not to do it too often.

Perhaps, deep inside, you really want to quit eating sweets, but... You don't know how to do it efficiently, because all your previous attempts ended with failure, so you give up saying: I will never make it.

Give yourself a chance. Two weeks, no sweets, no sugar, no processed food. After that time, you will decide yourself if it's really impossible to live without sweets.