How does alcohol influence the choice of food?

The tendency of consuming alcohol – sometimes more than just a glass, increases during summer. Sitting with friends long hours in the evening, family parties and high temperatures make us more eager to drink beer or a colourful drink. As you know, such behaviour may influence body aesthetics and health negatively quite fast. Why does it happen and how can we cope with this problem?

Alcohol as a “trigger” of appetite for poor-quality products

At the beginning, I would like to point out, that I don’t want to create a guide with tips on how to drink more without neglecting health and body aesthetics. I also don't encourage anybody to drinking alcohol, however, I would like to pay attention to few dependencies connected with its use, especially by people who care about body aesthetics, or those during reduction.

Most of all, I have to underline that the negative effects of using alcohol should not be perceived just as “empty” calories. Losing self-control during consumption of alcohol is a very important issue in context of the work on the body. Many inhibitions disappear, also those dietary, under the influence of “percents”. It may also happen that some distant, but important goals become less significant that instant pleasure. That's also the reason why it's so easy to eat pizza, chips or kebab after drinking a glass of alcohol, or just grab some crisps or sweets. The habits of people sitting around you also matter – there's a common tendency that people who don't have diet plans may easily persuade the healthy-eaters to consume low-quality food under the influence of alcohol. The temptation in such situations seems hard to resist.

How to improve the quality of eaten food during the consumption of alcohol?

The truth is, that the more alcohol you drink, the harder it is to stick to healthy food plan. Therefore, it's good to control the amount of alcohol you drink and stay moderate. Against the expectations of many disappointed amateurs of simultaneous building shape and partying, there's no other option... In case of special occasions, when you drink a glass of wine or a drink, you can also be prone to uncontrolled munching, or even gormandizing. So, it's worth staying alert and remember to eat a valuable – nutritious and filling meal before the meeting or celebration. Empty stomach makes the temptation even harder to resist and alcohol makes it more attractive for the palate. A duet: hunger and alcohol seem to lead to unreasonable food choices almost at all times.


There is a usual lack of attention towards the quality and quantity of eaten food during drinking alcohol beverages. As far as active people caring about reasonable nutrition every day are concerned, an occasional drink or a glass of wine together with a few crisps doesn't have to cause worsening of health and body aesthetics. When there is no restraint, the negative effects will be observed quite fast.