Is it worth to sunbathe?

The media, together with dermatologists try to scare us with harmful influence of sun on our health. Is sunbathing so damaging? Should we expose ourselves to sunlight? The media, as well as doctors, convince that melanoma and other types of cancer are formed under the influence of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. They suggest that using body creams with filters, which work as a protective umbrella, is indispensable. As a result of that, we are afraid of sun. We avoid it and use protective creams. But should we be doing that?

Sunbathing is not all about beautiful suntan and dangerous diseases. As a result of the contact of skin with sunlight, the body produces vitamin D. This vitamin is mainly known for its influence on strong bones and protection from rickets among children. In reality, vitamin D influences functioning of the whole body. The deficiency of this vitamin contributes to developing allergies, asthma, diabetes, overweight and obesity, weaker bones and teeth, circulatory system, skin and thyroid diseases, as well as – attention – cancer.

It occurs, that avoiding sun may cause more harm that benefits.

It's worth to sunbathe, however, you should definitely use common sense and avoid sunburn during that time. Gradual exposure to sun, when the skin can slowly adjust to new conditions is safer than getting deep mahogany tan in two days.

Is it worth using creams with filters?

Most of all, our bodies will not produce vitamin D under the influence of UV-B radiation when using creams with filters.

However, that's not all. It occurs, that these creams are harmful for us and may contribute to developing cancer. The higher the factor, the more synthetic substances can be found in the cream that are absorbed by the body. After few minutes of applying the cream, trace amount of substances included in it can be found in the body, among others, in kidneys and liver. You should pay a lot of attention to parabens and bezophenols. The latter cause creating free radicals which destroy cells.

Therefore, I suggest resigning from chemical creams with protective filters and exchange them with natural oils.

According to the rule: Don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't put on your tongue.

Which natural oils can we use?

Coconut oil (2-4 SPF) – it eases irritation, it is antibacterial and moisturizes skin,

Olive oil (8 SPF) – it firms and moisturizes skin, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant and prevents from wrinkles,

Sesame oil (4 SPF) – it improves blood circulation, purifies skin from toxins and it is anti-ageing.

As a summary: according to the information that doctors and the media have put in our heads for years, we should all be seriously ill because of the sun – but it's quite opposite: we can get ill because of lack of sun as seriously as from too much of it. Reasonably used sunbathing may contribute to the improvement of our health and mood.