What can I gain with gym training?

Many women think: “gym is not for me”, “I don't want to look like a man, I just want to lose some weight and firm my buttocks”. That's why gym is a great solution for You. Strength training, like no other, let's you shape your body. Thanks to properly adjusted exercises with load, you can work on particular body parts.

Remember that you should always train the whole body to provide its balanced development. Don't do just abs and buttocks. That's not the best solution. A well-prepared training plan will let you focus on particular parts of the body. Neither aerobic activity, nor only dieting will ensure you such results. There's the reason why the statement: “if you want to look good in clothes – you just have to lose weight dieting, but if you also want to look good naked – you have to workout at the gym” is right.

Exercises at the gym support building muscles and losing weight.

Actually, these two things are associated. Thanks to the fact of having more muscles, the energy demand grows. In other words, you can eat more and not put on weight. When the ratio between muscles and fat in the body changes, more calories are burnt even during doing nothing. Unlike using few marvelous diets in a row from some magazine, after which the metabolism is slower. As a result, you gain weight when you eat the same amount of food.

You should decide yourself which option sounds better. Eat more and not put on weight, or grow bigger despite eating smaller portions.

The advantages of exercises at the gym are not limited to the improvement of the appearance. Regular exercises with load enhance general efficiency and fitness.

Thanks to regular exercises, muscles and ligaments become more flexible and strong. That makes you less prone to injuries. In reality, it means that your body is better accommodated to differentiated activities. There is also lower risk for you to be injured during jogging or riding a bike.

Training with load prevents from osteoporosis. It is caused by the fact that bones and muscles strengthen when they react on pressure, which is the outer load that you use during training at the gym. That's the reason why strength training is particularly recommended for women, older people and people after injuries.

Regular exercises also influence the mood. It is caused by the endorphins which are created in the body during exercising. It is also a result of stronger self-confidence which increases thanks to the fact that you become more aware of your body, you can observe the positive changes in the mirror and you have goal which is not limited to losing another kilogram. Each person who has started regular workouts with load knows how much they can get to like it and aim at pushing more with each training, do one more push up, or finally do pull-ups.

This way you can gain a new hobby. A hobby that influences positively your health and mood. It helps you release stress and forget about everyday problems for a while.

I think, I don't have to convince anybody that regular workouts also influence better sleep.

However, you should remember that movement is not all. That's why strength training should be supported with proper diet.

The statement that gym is the house of testosterone where there's no place for women, should be forgotten. I can notice that there are more and more women showing up in clubs not only on bikes or treadmills, but also in the free weight zone. It is a very optimistic view. There is the increasing number of women who choose strength training consciously. You shouldn't be afraid of excess growth of muscles. The character of exercises, number of repetitions and diet decide on the effects. Training at the gym is an optimal form of work on the appearance and quality of the body.