Self-control and work on the body aesthetics

The temptations during using plan aimed at improving shape seem to occur like mushrooms after rain – in unexpected moments and form. The temptations, together with lack of abilities of resisting them, is an important issue which has negative influence on the achieved results. What makes us more prone to follow the temptations all around – not only connected with food? How can we improve self-control and achieve success in the aspect connected with improving the looks?

Basic reason of losing self-control

Controlling the content of a plate becomes more problematic when stress factors appear – especially strong ones. According to the researches, pressure and lack of abilities of coping with negative results of stress are the most common causes connected with losing self-control and bigger compliance to food temptations. Under the influence of stress, body and mind very often send signals concerning the need of feeling instant pleasure, characteristic for eating food products which are the mixture of refined sugars, salt and fat. Therefore, there's larger weakness towards all kinds of fast food meals and sweets. The exposure to the trigger in a form of seeing a cake or a chocolate bar in a situation of mental tension and discomfort seems a hard trial, especially for people who want to improve their body aesthetics. It is also important information for people addicted to low-quality food. You should pay attention to the fact that the change of nutrition may not be sufficient – it's important to act comprehensively. Of course, improving the quality of food and controlling its amount are basic matters, however, there may be the necessity of mental support – say, with the ability of coping with stress and emotions.

How can I strengthen self-control?

Most of all, you should realize that you can train self-control – it's not inborn. Planning menu will be helpful in case of regaining control over the quality and quantity of eaten food, and, what's very important, adjusting it to the individual needs, abilities and preferences – also culinary. In the context of efficient coping with negative results of stress, among which there is also weakening of self-control mechanisms, regular physical activity will have an important role. However, it's good to remember that such activities should be fun. Another thing is that physical effort, just like its name suggests, should be connected with some “effort” - going to the fitness club itself just to update the base of gossips from the neighborhood may seem insufficient for efficient releasing tension and fighting stress effects. Additionally, keeping motivation on high level is important, just like the ability of appreciating even the smallest success. Thanks to that, the long-term goals seem to be realistic and more important than temporary pleasure – also that connected with eating fast food meals or sweets.


Self-control is an indispensable tool needed to realize the assumptions of plan aimed at improving body aesthetics. Lack of self-control causes that the chosen plan starts to lose its shape and makes it harder to achieve satisfying results. That's why it's worth working on the attitude towards nutrition temptations, knowing that they become much more attractive during stressful situations.