The phenomenon of triathlon. Is it for everybody or just for super sports people?

In the lat few years, triathlon has become very popular. What's the phenomenon of this quite new sport? The beginnings of triathlon were in the 1970s. The first competition like this was organized in 1974 in the United States in San Diego, California. The famous competition Ironman has taken place on Hawaii since 1978. And the biggest fame triathlon gained after including it in Olympic Games in Sydney in the year 2000.

Triathlon is a versatile sports discipline which is a combination of swimming, cycling and running. The competitor first swims, then rides a bike and runs, and the final time also includes the change of sports wear and equipment.

Such combination ensures versatility and no boredom.Thanks to variety, people who train triathlon strengthen all muscle groups and increase efficiency and endurance at the same time.

It is an exhausting sport and it definitely requires very good physical condition. Also persistence seems to be crucial here. It is even sometimes more significant than physical preparation.

Triathlon is a typical individual sport. The winner is the competitor with the best time.

Why is this sport a phenomenon?

Competitors mainly mention variety that this sport gives them, as well as the big experience they can achieve. Overcoming particular distance is connected with breaking the weakness, fighting not only with the route, but also with oneself. There are many emotions around it which stay in memory for a long time. The additional satisfaction can be achieved by gaining the title of Ironman.

People who used to run or cycle are usually the ones who also choose triathlon. When they look for new challenges or interesting connections, they start their journey with this sport.

The popularity of this sport can be also caused by its pageantry. Not only the competitors, but also the audience are interested in triathlon.

There are many myths around triathlon.

People say it's hard, too expensive or just for super sports people.

You don't have to be a professional sports person and have the most expensive equipment to join the competition. However, you should take under consideration the fact that each competition is connected with some costs and that you have to be prepared physically. You shouldn't be a mouse fighting a gorilla, as it may end up badly for you. If your body is unprepared to large physical effort, it may not cope with it and fail. So, if you cherish your health, cut your coat according to your cloth.

First of all, take care of adjusting your body, heart, circulatory and respiratory systems, muscles and joints to larger physical effort. Second of all, choose a distance proper for yourself.

Thanks to the fact that triathlon has become very popular, you have a big choice of competitions and distances. Even a beginner with ordinary physical condition can find an event to try out himself/herself.

Ironman, the full distance is 3.8 km of swimming / 180 km of cycling / 42 km of running. The most often distances are also following: 1/10, 1/8, ¼ and ½ – so-called Half Ironman: 1.9 km of swimming / 90 km of cycling / 21 km of running.

In the callendar of the most popular events in Poland there are:

  • Susz Triathlon,

  • Gdynia Triathlon (Herbalife),

  • Triathlon Poznań,

  • Triathlon Malbork,

  • Iron Garmin Triathlon,

  • Volvo Triathlon Series.

In the world there are:

  • ITU Grand Final London,

  • Frankfurt City Triathlon,

  • LA Triathlon,

  • Ironman 70.3 Auckland,

  • Enduroman Arch to Arc.

The competitions with the longest distances require extremely large effort and persistence, and observing the competitors brings each time a lot of emotions to the viewers.

If you are wondering whether it is a sport for you, but you are not certain, start with looking at other people's achievements. If you decide to take part in such competition, remember to take care of proper physical preparation and the choice of distance adjusted to your abilities. You should also have on your mind the fact that you don't have to be a professional or a super sportsperson. Sport has to cause pleasure. Finishing so-called sprint distance (1/10 or 1/8) does not require training every day for many hours or specialized expensive equipment.