Planning meals – how not to make your life harder?

Taking care of the menu on your own is connected with many benefits, such as regaining control over the quality and quantity of eaten food. It is also an important part of the work on the body aesthetics. However, during planning meals and preparing food, some basic mistakes, which can influence the efficiency of implemented strategy and make the everyday life much harder, are often made... What should you remember about when planning and preparing meals?

Maths is Maths, but...

Calculators, which count the demand for energy and the nutritious value of eaten food are quite exact, they sometimes give very precise values. Although, some people may think it's funny, but experience proves that many people approach the matters connected with mathematical calculations very scrupulously, what can be visualized in the menus written for, e.g. exactly 1648 kcal... The exaggerated precision also leads to the difficulties in dividing some kinds of food products – and so, eggs can be divided into 5 even pieces in order to set the wanted calorific content as thoroughly as possible. The excessive scrupulosity in reference to people who start their adventure with healthy eating may lead to dejection quite fast – because it is connected with significant amount of time, it needs a lot of engagement and money – the cut offs of “unnecessary grams”often end up in a bin.

Food should be tasty!

When we are focused on the goal and health properties of eaten food, we often forget that food should be the source of pleasure, which shouldn't be denied also during realizing reduction plans. When connecting food products (unprocessed and rich in nutrients), it's worth remembering that it should be tasty, too – otherwise, you will get interested in low-quality snacks very fast. Improving culinary skills may be helpful, as well as treating the change of eating habits as some kind of a challenge and pleasant adventure, not as some evil or punishment. The information that healthy food is distasteful and flavorless can be left behind – this stereotype is most often popularized by people who are addicted to large amount of the mixture of salt, sugars and low-quality fats. That's why omitting the aspects connected with culinary preferences is a major obstacle in practical realization of the individual strategy.

Include accessible food products!

To make the menu “realistic” and not so difficult to prepare, it's good to pay attention to the availability of particular products. In summer and autumn there is usually no problem with fruits and vegetables – you can get various kinds of plant products and each, even the most fussy, amateur of healthy eating should find something interesting. The problem may appear in winter. The place of living determines a lot – urban supermarkets usually have more to offer. However, regardless the place of living, it's good to prepare menu in a way to include products which are available not only in some distant town, but also locally. It's not worth to complicate your own life...

Don't get crazy with the meals!

If you have time to prepare seven different meals and eat them in regular times, and you really enjoy doing that, then there's no problem. But if you lack time, just like majority of people, adjust the number of meals and their recipes to your abilities. You can also copy some meals (e.g. you can prepare dinner for two days in a row), what will definitely shorten time necessary for cooking. Officiousness in the matter of planning numerous meals containing many complicated and time-consuming dishes leads to frustrations and makes it impossible to practice the rules of healthy eating.


The planned menu very often occurs to be hard to realize in practice – we implement the strategies which are too strict and impossible to do for a person who, apart from taking care of health and physical activity, also has some work or family duties. Although, compromise in some issues is inevitable, you can do a lot by just not complicating your life.