Supper for the lazy – practical tips

Preparing supper is troublesome for many people. First of all, because it is the last meal during a day and it should be often served right after workout. People sometimes lack energy and willingness to prepare it. Second of all, it is often eaten with guilt – because it's after 6 pm, in the amount larger than symbolic. How to prepare supper in a fast, uncomplicated way and without the risk of body aesthetic problems or unnecessary guilt?

Supper – what's worth the attention?

Eating late in the evening often evokes controversies and worries. There is a common belief that it's a high-risk meal. When it's planned in a bad way or not thought through well, it may probably lead to creating unwanted body fat. Whereas, this rule may refer to breakfast and dinner- wrongly balanced concerning calories and nutrition, they can contribute to problems with body aesthetics. When you plan the last meal of a day, you should take under consideration the following factors:

  • the time of meal should be adjusted to the time of going to sleep. The break should take about 2-3 hours. Eating till 6 pm is just and irrational idea which should not be treated as a universal rule of behaviour;

  • supper, just like other meals, should be adjusted to the assumptions of the menu, it should also include individual time preferences of a person.

I don't have time or strength to cook in the evening, what can I do?

Many people think that a healthy meal has to be based on complicated recipes or contain some exotic, hardly available and expensive ingredients. Traditional sandwiches have become unfashionable and made some space for salads, expensive meat or dishes with quinoa, chia or Goji berries. Similar trends can be also observed in composing breakfast, dinner or dessert. But, going back to the main topic, what can be done to prepare supper quickly and without any problems?

Eat second dinner – preparing double dinner is a great solution for people who are afraid of the evening cooking. This way you can save time, you just need to heat the dish. Another option of this solution is to prepare the ingredients for supper during preparing dinner. So, you can use meat to prepare sandwiches (with wholegrain bread) or a quick salad.

Choose easy to prepare dishes – when you lack willingness or time for the evening cooking, decide to eat meals which would not require any special thermal treatment (or maybe minimal). You can also base on ready-to-eat food products – of course low-processed ones. In such situations dairy products are good to use – you can create a fast cocktail, vegetable salad, tasty dessert with rice or with wholegrain noodles (of which you can prepare more during preparing dinner).


We often don't have power or willingness to prepare supper after the whole day of work and various duties. Not every person has this comfortable situation in a form of a partner waiting with valuable meal at home, which sometimes leads to unplanned nutrition derogation. Whereas, preparing supper doesn't have to be time- and labour-consuming. However, it requires some organisation and engagement.