What's the best breakfast?

Cornflakes with yoghurt and fruits, or maybe eggs on bacon and vegetables? When writing “healthy breakfast” in a browser, you can achieve the pictures of yoghurt, flakes, fruits and juices served in different versions and forms.

You should definitely read:

Trying to lose weight? Have an egg for breakfast!

Do you think it is healthy and nutritious breakfast?

I'm not surprised, the information that you shouldn't eat more than two eggs a week, because of cholesterol, has been announced for years.

If you add bacon and butter to that set, you will have a heart attack diet. A lot of fat, especially animal origin – it's pure evil.

But WAIT! Is it true?

What about cholesterol?

Did you know that:

Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but an indispensable substance for all the tissues in mammals' bodies?

Our bodies produce cholesterol, and almost each cell of the body is built of it.

Too low level of cholesterol is more dangerous than too high!!!!

Eaten cholesterol does not influence its level in blood. (Except for about 25% of hyper responsive people.) What's more, large consumption of cholesterol causes its smaller production in the liver.

Cholesterol ensures the building material for creating cell membranes and steroid hormones, such as oestrogen, progesterone or testosterone.

Fats are indispensable for proper functioning of the body.

Thanks to them, the endocrine system works properly. Vitamins dissolve in fats. When we eat small amount of fats, the gall bladder releases small amount of bile, which is responsible for removing toxins. It happens very often, that the toxins gather in the liver and gall bladder then.

Fats, opposite to carbohydrates and proteins, influence the release of insulin insignificantly, but they give important signal of satiety.

What happens when we eat flakes with yoghurt and fruits for breakfast?

We supply large amount of carbohydrates in different forms. In ready-made mixes of muesli etc., the producers often add many other components, such as maltodextrin, molasses, glucose, fructose, or rice syrup, apart from sugar. We add some fruits to it and that's how our “healthy breakfast” includes at least few different kinds of sugar.

Shortly speaking, it means that we ensure concrete release of insulin since morning. And the pancreas and liver have to work at full speed.

If you add low-fat yoghurt to this set (you can admit that it's the most frequent action), such breakfast will not supply any fats. Large release of insulin lowers the level of sugar in blood and we are often hungry quite fast.

It's worth adding, that dairy products are also insulinogenic, i.e. they cause the release of insulin to blood.

There are also few other problems with dairy products. First of all, it contains lactose, which is not tolerated by majority of adults.

¾ protein from milk is casein which causes allergy among some of us.

Dairy products also contain growth hormone IG-F, which is very useful for children (and calves), but among teenagers this hormone causes acne, and among adults it speeds up ageing and it may facilitate the development of cancer.

Milk also contains a lot of oestrogens, of which excess amount contributes to infertility and polycystic ovaries.

You can also add that milk and its products available on the shop shelves don't have much in common with the real dairy products. Industrial milk comes from cows fed with everything that cows don't normally eat, like soya, corn, fishmeal. It may also contain penicillin (injected to the udders during inflammation). Majority of yoghurts contain powdered milk.

At the end, I can ask you a question. What kind of breakfast do you choose? What choice will you make knowing its influence on your body?