I want to get rid of my belly, but I don't want to have smaller breasts...

Unfortunately, when we lose weight and want to get rid of round belly, love handles or big thighs, it occurs that we lose breasts first. This is totally opposite to what we wanted. Can we do anything about it? The most common situation is when a woman comes and says: I want to lose my belly and love handles, firm my arms and thighs. But I don't want to have smaller breasts or build muscles. I don't want to look like a man.

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Let's be realistic. Such a scenario is almost impossible to fulfil.

First of all, firm thighs and glutes mean thighs with muscles, and to achieve that, you need strength training. There's no risk of looking like a man. It's impossible to achieve such appearance for women without any pharmacological help.

But, can you lose weight, belly and love handles without losing breasts?

It's usually impossible to achieve. Why? Breasts mainly consist of fatty tissue. If we lose weight, we decrease the amount of fatty tissue in the whole body. It's impossible to slim down only in some areas of the body. So, when you get slimmer, you also start having smaller breasts.

Depending on the type of shape, you can lose more or less breasts. Apple-shaped women are in better situation here. They will notice breasts reduction much more slowly than pear-shaped women. Unfortunately, together with slower decrease of breasts, there is also slower loss of fatty tissue from belly. Whereas, pear-shaped women almost “dry”the upper part of the body, they lose breasts before getting rid of excess body fat from thighs or buttocks.

What can we do about it?

The most important thing is SELF ACCEPTANCE.

Use common sense when dieting. Love your shape. If you are a pear, do not aim at reducing thighs to size extra small. It's not natural to your body. You will feel and look much better, if you accept the way you look and make it your STRENGTH.

Take care of the quality of your body. Firm legs with muscles can be very attractive, even if they are slightly bigger. Wider hips and bigger thighs have always been considered as great assets. Why? Wider hips mean that a woman is prepared by the nature to giving birth to offspring. Larger thighs mean stronger thighs. Use it!

However, when during reduction, you can take care of your breasts.

What to remember about during reduction to take proper care of breasts?

Remember to wear sports bra which gives proper support. It's worth buying well adjusted bra, even if you have to spend more money on it. It's and investment, which pays off. I think you don't want the skin on the breasts to stretch and lose firmness. If you don't think about it now, you may end up with a sad view in a few years.

Introduce chest exercises to your workouts. Do not focus only on glutes and abs. It's a big mistake!

If you want balanced and firm body, you have to do exercises for the whole body.

Do not resign from such exercises, like push ups, barbell press or dumbbell press, or flyes on a machine and/or with dumbbells.

To sum up, such thing as burning fat only from particular areas does not exist. Do not ommit chest exercises in your training. Do not reduce at all costs to size extra small.Take care of the quality of your body. Remember about choosing proper sports bra. Most of all, accept your shape and use it as your strength.