The taste and look of the meals

The subjects of food, cooking or balancing meals is very attractive for active people who care about their health. What's interesting, we tend to pay attention to the pro-health features of the prepared meals and achieving wanted “figure” results, as well as the palatability of the eaten food more often than before. It's very good, because consuming meals is pleasurable, not worth resigning from.

The meaning of eating food products is far beyond the physiological aspects, which is why treating it just like a “tool” to work out an aesthetic body is a real mistake, fortunately, easy to avoid. The act of eating meals may help release tension, it can be the source of satisfaction and complacence. There's only one condition – the planned and prepared meals have to be attractive, not only in the meaning of nutrition, but also the palatability and aesthetics of serving. What can be done to improve the taste of dishes and make them look nice? Here are few simple tips:

Play with colours!

You don't have to be a professional chef to find out that the combinations of colours may add attractiveness to the meal, or they can do the opposite. When the effect is negative, the reason are usually some monotonous, gray-dun compositions. On the other hand, all kinds of bright, vivid colours may make the meals look much more tastefully. That's why you should remember about the greens as an addition to the dinner meals, those with meat, fish, etc. That's totally minimum. A good option are, of course, various vegetables, or fruits.

Pay attention to texture!

Texture has really large effect on the attractiveness of a meal. And so, what should be crunchy – has to be crunchy (e.g. vegetables), what should be smooth – has to be smooth (e.g. sauce, cream soup). Rubbery or dried meat, sere and “flexible” vegetables, sauces with lumps or potato mash neither look, nor taste fine. Remembering about the attractiveness of the prepared food, you should pay attention to their consistency and texture.

Choose aesthetic crockery!

Broken plate with worn paint will not necessarily invite you to eat a meal. On the other hand, I do not recommend buying any expensive porcelain tableware. However, it's good to remember to serve the prepared meal in a utensil with perfect standards – thanks to this, the meal will seem much more attractive. It's also good to know, that majority of meals present best on white plates (and not on fancy and colourful ones).


The aesthetics of serving food and the final look of the prepared meal are really important for perceiving its palatability and attractiveness. It's worth sacrificing a moment of attention and serve dish in an aesthetic form, thanks to which the satisfaction of eating a healthy dish will be much bigger.