How to avoid the typical weekend nutrition mistakes?

There's no doubt that weekend is a challenge for people on diets aimed at reduction of excess kilograms, and especially for those who want to lose spare fatty tissue. Meeting the family and friends, nice atmosphere, all foster making various mistakes, which can negatively influence the results of diet. What to do to minimize the risk of total breakdown of nutritional rules which are not such a big problem during the week?

Start on Saturday in a good way!

Despite appearances, the way we start a day may significantly influence our food choice during the whole day. Lazy start and the “I feel like doing nothing, sooner or later someone will take me out for a pie and cold beer” attitude is not that good. It would be best to get together, enjoy the possibility of sleeping longer and prepare a valuable breakfast according to the individual balance – this way it will be much easier for you to resist the daily temptations. Studies and scientists' observations point that starting days with junk food of low quality makes us stay with such choice for the whole day. People who diagnosed themselves with “weak” strong will should be especially interested in this matter. Starting weekend with a morning workout is quite a good idea – a dose of endorphins will make it easier and more pleasurable for you to stay on the healthy nutrition track. It won't be caused by the pressure, but it will result from a conscious choice giving a lot of satisfaction and contentment.

Break the patterns!

Many weekend mistakes derive from copying long-lasting patterns and no ideas of breaking them. And so, if Saturday is connected with the family going out for pizza and chips connected with TV marathon, maybe it's worth implementing some healthier alternative. Instead of complaining that you're not able to lose weight because of such meetings, suggest some other, nicer, way of spending free time connected with physical activity and movement – think about hiking, going to the swimming pool or a tennis court. Patterns and old habits can be broken – you just need some engagement and positive initiative.

Don't get stressed!

Nowadays, we have quite a lot of stress around – whether at work, or at home. That's why it's not advised to be worried with the matters connected with diet, especially, if you tend to exaggerate the nutritional vices. And so, the despair caused by eating additional portion of chicken stock with white noodles during a family dinner is a totally unwanted phenomenon, which may make the work on the body aesthetics harder (much more than the unplanned calories from the stock). The fact, that strong negative emotions may make it harder to work on the body aesthetics, was confirmed in scientific studies. The factors with specifically bad influence are following: remorse, sadness, regret and anger. Therefore, it's worth to act constructively and not become the source of unnecessary tension for oneself. But that also doesn't mean that you should be totally indulgent or light-hearted for yourself.

Remember about support!

It occurs, that the work on the body aesthetics may be an ordeal for interpersonal relations. Many people, who want to avoid the unnecessary temptations start to isolate from friends, family and acquaintances. It's quite a controversial attitude – each person needs support from the close ones. That's why it's good to talk together – it often happens that the compromise is possible to be worked out, and it does not have to be connected with total renunciation of social life. Getting to know new people with similar problems is also a good solution – in such situation exchanging experiences may help to avoid many mistakes.


Weekend is often a hard challenge for people who currently work on their body aesthetics. However, the engagement and determination may help to avoid making basic mistakes. New habits concerning coping with weekend problems may be worked out, but you have to stay consistent and forgiving to your weaknesses.