Meals from fast food restaurants – the most common confusions

The places which offer fast food meals are very controversial, however, the fact is, that the number of people who consume such food is growing. Some of them go to such places occasionally, others – especially the busy ones – go there much more often. Whereas, the strict followers of healthy nutrition avoid such places, e.g. because they are worried of worsening their health. To make myself clear – I am not going to encourage anybody to consume hamburgers, pizza or chips freely, however, I would like to pay attention to few interesting aspects connected with beliefs on fast food, which are often irrational. Here are “the most interesting” opinions connected with processed food served in the typical fast food restaurants:

Meals with chicken are healthier

Eating out and consumption of fast food often raise remorse, which is often soothed by the devious minds by choosing the “lesser evil”. That's why, remembering about the negative information about pork and beef often published and present in the media, we choose poultry believing that it's a “better” choice. Whereas, dishes made of chicken meat – often cured, breaded, or profaned in many other ways, are not the better option. They don't really have any special nutrition value, they just provide large doses of calories and salt. On the same basis, you can say that chips are healthier than ice-creams, because they are potatoes...

Each kind of home-made food is better

I'm sure I will expose myself to some followers of home-made food, but I would like to pay attention to an important, often omitted, fact. Many people criticise the “chemical” or poor-quality food products offered by the local fast food restaurants, but they don't focus on the fact that they serve as worthless or poor-quality dishes themselves at their homes. Breading or deep-frying (often with the use of inappropriate oil) are often practised ways of thermal treatment, which lower the nutrition value of the meals. A good example of home-made poor-quality meals are e.g. pastries – especially those, which include hard margarine, enormous amount of sugar and white flour. The thing that the pastry is home-made doesn't mean it's healthier (especially if we eat too much of it).

Fast food meals are cheap

Although the conversion may not be as easy as it seems, you have to admit that fast food meals are not that cheap. They are much more available in the matter of price than meals offered in traditional restaurants, but they are much more expensive than the meals we could prepare ourselves at home. Preparing dishes at home has the advantage of regaining the control over the quality and quantity of eaten food – under the condition that the used products are selected thoroughly, just like the thermal treatment (steaming, boiling, roasting).

Salad will solve the problem

In general, I can notice two types of people who order salads in fast food restaurants: those, who choose a healthier alternative instead of a hamburger, and those, who enrich the meal in a form of a hamburger with some vegetables in a form of a salad. In both cases the intentions are good, but you should remember that it's a kind of cheating and self-excuse. Fast food salads are often rich in additives which increase their calorific content significantly, often because of the way of storing the raw products, they do not represent any important nutritious value.


Meals offered in fast food restaurants may positively influence... the inclination of creating various myths and beliefs, which often derive from the need of justifying the choice – which is eating, or not eating such king of food.