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How to make a good gluten-free bread?

How to make a good gluten-free bread?
Gluten-free diet, apart from the fact that it's very popular nowadays, it is also therapeutic. For example, in case of diseases, such as celiac disease, excluding gluten is a must, and there is now more information that eliminating this component from diet also causes positive effects in other autoimmune diseases. What's more, taking under consideration the fact, that an ailment called NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity) may concern even 6% of the population, it occurs that the subject of gluten-free products and dishes seems to be very up-to-date. In this article I will present a recipe for a tasty and easy to prepare gluten-free bread.

Why should I bake, if I can buy one?

There's no doubt that baking bread on your own is time-consuming. It's impossible to do it in 15 minutes without paying attention to the whole process. Taking under consideration the fact that it's easy to get gluten-free bread in shops, the whole “idea” of baking seems pointless. Practically speaking, the situation is different. Gluten-free bread, which is available in shops is usually of poor quality. The ingredient list used in its production is very long and it often includes large amount of unwanted additives with a lot of refined sugars. Therefore, baking bread on your own is a very good solution, as long as you care about your health and shape.

Before you bake gluten-free bread

You have to know, that when you want to bake gluten-free bread, it's not enough just to resign from wheat products. Gluten is present naturally in many other cereals, such as rye (so, rye flour is not good for making such bread) or barley. What's more, gluten-free cereals, such as oat and buckwheat (it's actually not cereal, but in general it is believed to be one of them, therefore, this mental leap) may be contaminated by gluten. If we want to have totally gluten-free bread, we should use only those products, which have gluten-free symbol on the package.

The recipe for gluten-free bread

Obviously, gluten-free bread can be baked in many different ways. However, the recipe below lets you obtain bread, even when you are not sure if all the ingredients are gluten-free. In order to get a solid loaf of bread, you will need the following ingredients:

  • buckwheat flour 300g,

  • potato flour 100g,

  • corn flour 100g,

  • instant yeast – 1 package,

  • 15 – 20 g of linseed (it can be degreased),

  • 25 – 30 g of almond flakes,

  • 10g of ground thistle,

  • 5 – 7g of salt (dietetic purists may use the Himalayan salt),

  • 5 – 10g of sugar (of course, unrefined, brown one is fine – if it suits you...),

  • 500 – 800ml of warm water.

Of course, you can exchange the ingredients, add other than mentioned here, but you still have to remember about the matter of gluten – if you want to be consistent. For example: a good pro-health addition to bread may be curcuma, which has many interesting properties.

Method of preparation

The method of preparation is a piece of cake, you just have to mix the various kinds of flour with one part of water with linseed, then add yeast, salt, sugar and later the almonds and thistle. Then you should add the remaining water and mix it alltogether to obtain smooth dough. You have to put it in a baking tin spread with fat and with baking paper in it and wait for about an hour. The next step is to put it in the heated to 210-220*C oven. Average time of baking golden brown gluten-free bread is 45-50 minutes. If the bread gets brown too early, you can slightly lower the temperature, or better – cover it on top with an aluminium foil. The bread should rest for a while after baking and cool down before consumption.

Nutrient value

The bread achieved from the recipe above will have the following nutrient value:

  • energy: 2,000kcal,

  • digestible carbohydrates: 360g,

  • fibre: 30g,

  • fat: 35g (including saturated fats: 5g),

  • protein: 55g (including: EAA 19g, BCAA 9.5g),

  • magnesium: 850mg,

  • potassium: 200mg,

  • calcium: 250mg,

  • phosphorus: 1850mg,

  • zinc: 14mg,

  • iron: 16mg,

  • vitamin E: 8.5mg,

  • vitamin B1: 2mg,

  • vitamin B2: 0.75mg,

  • vitamin B6: 2.5mg,

  • niacin: 8.5mg,

  • folic acid: 150mcg.

As you can see, this kind of bread is quite rich in nutrients, although, you have to remember that these values concern the whole bread made from 500g of all kinds of flour.

Few words of summary

Gluten-free bread is recommended for people who do not tolerate gluten. However, anybody can bake it and then eat it. When there is no problem with gluten, you can also choose less strict ingredients.

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