Citrus fruit support losing weight

You can often hear a belief that fruit are the “high risk” products, at least when it comes to their influence on shape. It derives from the presence of simple sugars and it is also connected with their sweet taste (it's a common view that everything that's sweet is harmful). As a result, many people avoid the consumption of fruit during reduction believing it will make the spare fat reduction easier. It occurs that they're not quite right. What's more, some kinds of fruit, like citrus fruit, may make the process of fighting against excess kilograms more efficient!

Citrus associations

Citrus fruit are often associated with high content of vitamin C and beneficial influence on the immune system. There's a lot of information how beneficial it is to consume such products in prophylaxis and as a support of treating the infections of the upper respiratory system. Whereas, citrus fruit also have other advantages, which can be used in a practical way during work on the improvement of the body composition.

Interesting study

A team of Japanese scientists lead by Dr Huong from the National Food Research Institute revealed that the citrus flavonoids may significantly increase the tempo of burning fatty acids by their influence on the expression of genes initiating β-oxidation which takes place in peroxisomes. The effect of “increasing”is drastic, because it is 88%! It has to be underlined, that the process of burning fatty acids is mainly conducted in cell mitochondria and we don't knowuch about the oxidation in peroxisomes. It occurs, that the efficiency of this process may also matter for the tempo of losing excess body weight. In the same study the researchers noticed that along with stronger oxidation of lipids, there was decrease of their amount in blood.

The limitation of the study

A serious limitation of the mentioned experiment is the fact, that it was performed on dormice. However, as a consolation, I have to add that there exists research done on people, which confirms that citrus fruit support losing weight. A team of scientists,lead by Dr Fujioka from the Institute of Endocrinology at the Department of Nutrition and Metabolic Research at Scripps Clinic, confirmed the positive influence of citrus fruit on the body mass and composition. There was no data concerning the mechanisms of the dependency mentioned above until recently. The tests on animals enable us to follow the complicated biochemical mechanisms.


Including citrus fruit in reduction diet seems to be a reasonable idea, because there are serious reasons to think that such procedure will support the loss of excess kilos. In research,grapefruit gave the most significant results in this matter.