Eggs for breakfast help control appetite

Sandwiches, scrambled eggs, or maybe porridge? Breakfast may be various, however, when deciding for a particular choice of food, it's good to take under consideration its nutrition value, as well as its influence on the feeling of hunger, especially if you want to lose excess body fat. It occurs, that eggs are among food products, which have high satiety index, thanks to which you can feel full for a long time after eating them. Everyday practise shows that fact, and scientific studies confirm it.

Eggs in distorting mirror

Some people perceive eggs as fattening, as they contain fat, quite a lot of it. However, practically speaking, dividing food products into friendly or unfriendly to slim figure only by basing on their calorific content and the presence of fat may lead to unfair conclusions. Other aspects also matter, and they are:

  • nutrition value (on the level of vitamins, minerals and protein),

  • influence on the hormones release (e.g. insulin),

  • influence on the mechanisms of hunger control.

Especially the last aspect seems to be underappreciated. And the most efficient slimming diet is the one, which can be applied in practise. The factor that most often leads to “break” of the assumptions of the nutrition plan is... hunger, which accompanies food restrictions. One of the key aspects, which have to be taken under consideration during preparing reduction diet, is the matter of potential feeling of craving for food. When it's annoying, it's not real to “stick” to the diet for longer than a few days without snacking.

Interesting study

Eggs belong to the group of products with high nutrition value and influence positively the mechanisms of hunger control. Research done by a team of scientists led by prof. Vander from the Faculty of Psychology at the University in Saint Louis, provided proof in that matter. The researchers observed that low-calorific breakfasts in a form of eggs or bread influence the feeling of after-meal satiety differently for various volunteers. The scientists served one of two kinds of breakfast to the participants (eggs or bagels) and then they verified energy supply in further parts of the day. Both meals had exactly the same energy value.

It occurred that people who ate eggs in the morning, consumed less calories during the day than people who ate bagels. The scientists stated that this effect is connected, among others, with the changes in the level of hormones, such as ghrelin and insulin, which influence the feeling of hunger, and which obtain more advantagous ranges when the base of the meal are eggs, not bread.


The experiment done by the team of scientists led by prof. Vander showed, on the example of eggs and bread, what has been known by some for a long time, namely – not only energy value, but also quality choice of food products matter for the control of hunger. It's not enough to lose weight only on “low calories”. It's good to pay attention to the fact, that the base of diet should be solid food products. Eggs are definitely in that group. Bagels – as you can notice, are, unfortunately, not...