How to lower craving for food?

Too big and hard to control hunger is one of the basic factors making it hard to reduce body fat. It occurs that there exist simple ways of regulating the mechanisms responsible for the control of hunger and satiety. What's even more important, some of these ways are not difficult or time-consuming. So, what can we do to get rid of the constant feeling of hunger?

Eat more proteins for breakfast

Highly energetic (meaning packed with carbs) breakfast only looks as if it was healthy and shape-friendly. Against common beliefs, the feeling of hunger does not depend on the amount of calories we supply within the first meal. However, the amount of proteins in this meal my be meaningful. It occurs that rich in proteins breakfast fills stomachs for longer time and it also influences the release of hormones, which regulate craving for food, in a long-term. If you include larger dose of proteins in your first meal, you may cause that the feeling of hunger even in the afternoon and evening will be less disturbing. A sufficient dose is probably 30-40g. It would be good to choose high-quality proteins then.

Introduce days with higher amount calories

During reduction craving for food is quite an annoying problem. It is often the reason why diets are finished. It's good to know that the feeling of hunger becomes irritating usually after 5-7 days of the negative calorific balance. After that time it's good to introduce one day with higher calories. It doesn't have to be a drastic increase of energy consumption, you just sometimes need to increase the calories by about 10-15% to make it noticeable by the body. You can make it by including one “cheat meal”, which – against common beliefs- doesn't have to be based on extremely non-dietetic products. It may be something from outside the list of food products that the diet is based on, but it would be good if that food was valuable.

Sleep longer

Too short sleep is one of the basic factors leading to the deregulation of functioning the mechanisms of hunger control. It is connected with larger release of ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone. Increased release of cortisol, which is the result of sleep deficiency, also matters. Cortisol itself does not make hunger stronger, but it causes stronger appetite for sweet and highly palatable food products. People who sleep less than 6-7 hours a night usually have larger problems with the control of the amount and quality of eaten food. That's why it's good to order everyday duties in a way to make sure you sleep at least 7 hours at night.

Eat creamy soups

Soups are often omitted forms of meals, especially in the fitness world and especially by men. Whereas, it occurs, that soups – but only those blended ones – may be low-calorific and filling. You can use root vegetables, which are cheap, easily available and valuable, to prepare such meals. You can also boil meat in such soups, which will give them a pleasant aroma. You should blend the soup after boiling and eat it before or during the main meal. It's good not to overdose the highly-calorific additions, such as cream, butter or bacon, because they may make the ratio between the energy value and the filling potential disturbed.

Beware of carbohydrates

For some people, high intake of carbohydrates, instead of making them full, causes so much larger craving for food that you can notice that “the appetite increases along with eating”. On the one hand, such effect may be caused by poor quality of the chosen products and the fluctuation of blood glucose, and on the other, badly functioning insulin economy. Anyway, every person who notices that high intake of carbs causes such reaction, should rethink the matter of their supply in the context of quantity and the choice of products.

Eat more rarely

Although it may seem weird, too high frequency of meals does not make the hunger control easier. Despite the fact that, theoretically, the more often we eat, the more rarely we should feel hungry. It's supposed to be like that, if... the meals are too small. If you divide the daily nutritional value into six meals, it may occur that they are transformed into... appetizers. As a result, after eating them, you can still feel hungry. For majority of people, the optimal amount of meals in menu is 4 or 5, however, for some, it would be better to eat even 3 times a day. It's good to think individually about this matter and test various solutions in practice.