Is broth “the Power Soup”?

Broth is also called the Power Soup, because it is the best and the cheapest medicine, dietary supplement, or even anti-aging treatment. The real broth, boiled on bones, meat and vegetables (not the stock cube) has anti-inflammatory properties. Even our grandmothers knew that, and scientific studies confirm that. It's a pity we keep forgetting about that!

Research done by the Nebraska Medical Center concerning the influence of broth on the migration of neutrophils (granulocytes protecting the body from microbes) suggests, that broth may include many healing substances. The anti-inflammatory influence causes alleviation of the symptoms of infection of the upper respiratory tract.

When we feel weak, when we start to have a cold, it's good to eat the real broth.

However, it's only one of many advantages of broth. It's called the power soup for a reason.

Gelatine from this soup protects and speeds up the recovery of the intestinal lining, which is why it heals leaky intestines. It supports digestion and influences very positively the bacterial flora found in human digestive tract. Broth is the natural colostrum. As you know, efficient intestines are the base of health.

Broth is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins and antioxidants, which support the proper functioning of the immune system. Thanks to them we have healthy and strong bones.

Broth also contains collagen and glucosamine. The presence of the collagen and gelatine influences the health of our hair and nails, as well as the softness and the appearance of our skin. The presence of glucosamine and chondroitin influences the prevention from degenerative ailments of joints, and it also gives the flexibility to the cartilage.

Amino acids found in broth support proper work of the central nervous system. Glicyne found in broth influences the assuagement and better sleep. Thanks to high content of collagen, metabolism is improved (it lowers the level of cysteine and tryptophan), which improves the efficiency of THYROID.

What do we need to cook a good broth?

Both, the recipe and ingredient list are a piece of cake. We just need some time, large pot and the following ingredients:

  • meat with bone (the best would be from a known source),

  • the bones may be various (beef, poultry, pork, or a mix),

  • a broth portion made from a farm chicken, including the chicken paws,

  • vegetables (carrot, celery, parsley, leek, onion, garlic),

  • spices (Himalayan salt, various peppers, bay leaf, allspice),

  • fermented apple vinegar (1-2 table spoons),

  • water.

Boil it on low flames for at least 4 hours. Some people cook broth for 24 hours or even longer, until the cartilages melt totally.

To sum up, when you start to have a cold, when your immunity is weak, when you have digestion problems, when your intestines don't work well, when you suffer from joints pain, when your hair and nails are weak, when your thyroid is ill, when you are stressed, or if you feel cold... DRINK THE POWER SOUP!