Nutrition from the man's point of view – the most popular nutrition stereotypes

It has been known for a long time that there are many factors, which are not necessarily connected with food itself, that influence food preferences, as well as the way of executing menus aimed at particular goals. One of such factors, caused by natural and cultural conditioning, is gender. Women and men often have different attitudes towards nutrition, they cope with different problems, and they also perceive the matters connected with “proper” nutrition in various ways. What's interesting, many dependencies connected with nutritional behaviour is unconscious, which can lead to creating many myths and misunderstandings. Here are quite stereotypical examples of how men “see” healthy nutrition, which is worth reconsidering:

“Vegetables are unmanly”

Well, the division into the manly food – solid and concrete, full of meat with a lot of fat, and feminine – light, fruity-vegetable, still exists among some people. Men often have the “inborn” antipathy towards all kinds of food of plant origin, which can be even explained by evolution. “The real man” should eat meat – hunt for it, kill it and roast in a fire... What's interesting, observations made by psychologists also point out that men, themselves, think that the fact of eating meat by them makes them look more attractive and manly (both, in the eyes of themselves and women). That's why men who order a salad in a restaurant are such a rarity. Whereas, such attitude may be connected with negative health consequences – especially in cases, when there is total elimination of vegetables from menu (or limiting them to the amount of some poor salad with dinner), it may also make it harder to create sports shape. Various products of plant origin in everyday menu supply precious components, such as minerals, vitamins, fiber, phenols, etc.

“Cooking is the women's job”

Although it may seem quite odd in present world, especially when men are very successful as professional chefs, for many men getting acquainted with kitchen utensils and preparation of meals is a real obstacle in realizing the rules of healthy nutrition. The “traditional” model of family assumed that a woman takes care of cooking – therefore, many men gained no culinary skills at home. Of course, I underline the fact, that it's not a rule, many men cook efficiently and tasty. It's worth to point out that the problem with the reluctance towards cooking seems to concern people running single-person households. In such situations there is no willingness or motivation to spend time in the kitchen. Whereas, acquiring even the simplest culinary skills may significantly facilitate the work on sports shape and body aesthetics – it allows to regain the control over the quality and quantity of food.

“I do sports, so I can eat whatever I want”

Ignoring the importance of the proper diet in shaping the body or developing the sports form most often concerns people who have normalized body composition and don't have extended knowledge on nutrition. Acting according to the slogan “I am slim and I work out regularly, so I can eat whatever I want” is very popular among young people and the amateurs of sports. The consequences of such behavior are often verified later, when the problems with health or body composition may appear, or there is lack of progress in developing physical condition, endurance, strength, etc. It's definitely good to get to know the basics concerning balancing menu and choosing food products, remembering about the health and sports condition.


Men (but not only them) sometimes perceive the matters connected with healthy and properly balanced nutrition in a strongly stereotypical way – that's where the difficulties with the practical realization of nutrition plans and achieving the set goals come from.