“My body is not firm enough”

Many women, also very young ones, cope with the problem of flabby and not so firm body. Despite quite low weight, their shape is far from ideal. What are the most common reasons of losing elasticity and firmness? What can be done to improve body aesthetics in such cases?

Body without firmness is usually the result of wrongly-planned nutrition strategy, often connected with inappropriate physical activity. In other words, “traditional” methods of losing weight based on hard to keep starvation and treadmill sessions lasting for few hours, lead to the loss of muscles and increase of the percentage of body fat. The result of such extreme nutrition-training practices is the skinny fat shape – which has no firmness or elasticity, adds years to the age and looks unaesthetically – despite relatively low body weight. It's also good to know what kind of dietetic mistakes cause ladies achieve such shape, in order to avoid them in the future. The most frequent mistakes are:

Insufficiency of valuable protein

While men usually exaggerate with protein intake, women treat meat, eggs, offal and fish as “not so dietetic” food and they lower its intake drastically, alternatively, by exchanging it for additional portion of vegetables or sweets. Another fact also has to be underlined, that cold meat (e.g. lean ham, bangers) is not a valuable source of proteins, and it can be often found in diets of women losing weight who care about their health.

Lack of after-workout meal

After workout, in order to “maximize” the effects, women often resign from eating any food. Such practice is very common, but it may lead to worsening the problem connected with losing muscles. It's good to remember, that we do not prolong the advantages of physical activity if we stay without any food after workout.

Low supply of energy in general

Many women (not only them) believe that the optimal method of losing excess weight is drastic cut on eaten food. Of course, it's obvious, that such procedures are not neutral for health condition, especially that they are usually stopped with the episodes of gormandizing with low-quality food products. When acting such way, not only do we cause problems with body aesthetics (we lose muscles and gain body fat), but we also lead to insufficiency of components important for functioning of the body, including vitamins and minerals.

Other causes

It should be also reminded that there exist other factors, which foster the decomposition of shape and loss of firmness. One of them is lack of physical activity, or wrongly-planned activity – jogging on treadmill for many hours, which many ladies think is the optimal solution, whereas, they should include strength training. Another important issue is stress and incompetent dealing with its results. Long exposure to cortisol makes it much harder to work on the body or lose excess body fat. Smoking cigarettes also fosters the “skinny fat” shape – smokers often have larger percentage of body fat and their bodies are less firm.


Lack of firm or elastic body doesn't have to be a necessity. The base is to implement well-thought dietetic procedures and resign from risky slimming methods.