Lack of eagerness for further work on shape?

It sometimes happens, that, despite large effort, engagement and sacrifice, the results are not completely satisfying. Due to that fact, further activities aimed at the improvement of body aesthetics are doubtful. What's more, coming back to the old nutrition habits and sitting-lying lifestyle seems extremely tempting in such moments. How can we cope with the moments of doubts and motivate ourselves to act?

Are you sure that everything went wrong?

Many people are very skeptical about their own bodies and progress they have made. For sure, we would like to achieve as much as possible in the shortest period of time. Whereas, you cannot trick physiology, just like it's impossible to compensate the long-lasting negligence within few weeks of excessive care about oneself. That's why, in the moments of worse mood, you should concentrate on your current achievements – even if they're not that spectacular, you should remember, that they are steps on the right way. At the same time, it's good to examine your conscience and wonder what could be the reason of slowing down the effects, what you could change and what kind of mistakes you have made, as well as what kind of modifications the situation requires. What's interesting, you will be easily able to remind yourself the unplanned biscuit or chocolate bar, whereas, large stress, negative emotions, guilt or shame, which are all the emotions making it hard to work on the shape, will not be as easy to remember about. It's major neglect worth working on.

Look for some support!

Complaining about your hard and sad life on your own is a wrong idea, and it usually contributes to making the problem worse. When being alone, not only do we celebrate our own misery, but we also make the life sweeter with poor-quality food products. Lack of the willingness for further action, stagnation and the feeling of failure is the moment when you should look for support – either among the closest ones who care about your happiness, or among the specialists and people with similar experience or problems. Just the presence of people who want to support you improves morale and helps you change the attitude.

Give yourself a treat!

Too many duties, hard workouts and the necessity of taking care of organizing everything – including nutrition, planning physical activity and putting it in the weekly schedule may be exhausting and it may cause additional tension. That's why it's good to take a short break from everyday life, which doesn't have to be connected with lying in front of TV and checking how many packages of your favorite biscuits you are able to eat during one afternoon. It's better to do something, which will help you relax and which will also influence your self-esteem. It may be shopping – there's nothing better than a new piece of clothing in smaller size, you can also consider having massage, spa, go to the hairdresser's, beautician, etc.

Whatever you do, do it with pleasure!

Perhaps some people, especially those at the beginning of their journey of improving body aesthetics, will find it hard to believe in, but taking care about oneself, including planning meals, cooking and hard workouts may be the source of pleasure and satisfaction. It's hard to believe it if you don't experience the positive influence of endorphins on your body... what's more, grumblers and pessimists will perceive all the nutrition-training procedures as a punishment, which should be quickly worked off. Whereas, in a situation when the fight against weaknesses and adversities is perceived like a challenge and a source of satisfaction, the results will be much better and the risk of losing engagement or motivation is much lower.


Everybody may have doubts from time to time, the most important is not to give up in such situations. One-time nutritional cheat or worse mental condition should not cause the failure of the whole enterprise. In such situations it's worth to stay cold-blooded and not get excited with one's unfortunate faith and bad world.