Tricky thyroid, how does it all begin?

There are more and more people with thyroid disorders nowadays. The amount of people with such problems is frightening. But, we have created such world around us ourselves. We live in a hurry, stress is always present, we don't sleep long enough, whether we want it or not, we consume substances which influence our health. The world around us is the world of consumerism, which is based on non-existing ideas that we constantly follow.

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What does such lifestyle cause?

It results in our chasing after everything we hear just to be closer to the perfection. The best example: Ladies (although, they are not exceptions) using any miraculous diet which has been mentioned in a magazine. Or buying anything with the “FIT” label on it, because it's healthy and will certainly make us slimmer, and if we lose weight, we will be so perfect.

And here I have to write bad news. First of all, the process of losing weight may not reveal the ideal, which will blind everyone with its beauty, to the world. Why not? Because under the layer of body fat, the body might not be so fantastic, especially when our favorite sport so far has been lying on a couch. However, it does not mean that we should do nothing, loose the belt and keep on resting.

It's opposite, we should stand up and move. Good news is that the area found under body fat can be “formed” and I highly encourage everybody to do that.

But, sticking to the main thought, there is another bad news – following every single fashionable diet (calorific restrictions, disorder of the macro nutrients proportions, too low intake of carbohydrates), together with stress, have something in common – they ruin our health and weaken the thyroid. The body in stressful situation produces too large amount of cortisol. After some time it causes worse efficiency of adrenal glands, decreases the production and conversion of thyroid hormones, decreases the ability of using insulin by the body, and it blocks the proper reactions of the immune system.

What is the result?

We feel tired, we lack energy, we have problems with concentration and memory, there are problems with circulatory system, we feel muscle and joint pain, recovery takes longer time, we have problems with keeping weight, as well as reduction, we are irritated, or even depressed, we feel cold, and women may observe menstrual disorders.

There's no doubt that because of inappropriate nutrition we can influence the efficiency of thyroid. It concerns people who already suffer from diseases of this organ, as well as healthy ones.

Many people convince others that they feel well despite bad diet. Unfortunately, some changes in the body are invisible at once. Our body is like a machine, which can adjust to many situations and survive hard times. However, it costs a lot of work and energy. Body remembers everything and stores that information. Chronic stress, which is starving for a long time, or aerobic exercises lasting many hours, influence human body significantly. You may be almost sure that if you starve or you don't supply proper nutrients, your bodies will remind it to you at some point. In the least expected moment.