One month without sugar or alcohol

We live in a world, in which sugar is added to almost everything. Sauce, juice, flakes, dressing, yoghurt, ketchup, mustard, beverages. Right next to sugar there are other sweeteners in the same ingredient lists. Fructose syrup, glucose syrup or glucose-fructose syrup are very often used in food products. What's more, foodstuffs are filled with preservatives, flavor enhancers, artificial colorants and aromas.

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If you think you don't eat sugar, because you drink bitter tea and sparkling beverages are far from your needs, it may turn out that you are wrong. Sugar, sweeteners and preservatives can be found almost everywhere.

What would happen if you decided to do the total detox from sugar, preservatives and alcohol for one month?

This challenge was accepted by Sacha Harland from hoping that he would find answers to the question of how much the change in diet may influence physical abilities and mental condition.

Before starting the experiment, and after finishing it, he had some tests done on few key health parameters. Among others, there was weight, level of body fat, blood pressure, level of cholesterol and blood glucose.

You can watch the struggle of Sacha with the challenge, as well as the results of it on the film linked below. Resigning from sugar and alcohol for a month caused decrease of weight, body fat, cholesterol and blood glucose.

Also the change in the feeling of hunger and cravings during the experiment seems very interesting. Initial constant feeling of hunger and craving for sweet things, bad mood and irritation transformed into lack of need of consuming sweet things, which used to be the base of Sacha's nutrition before. On day 25 Sacha noticed he didn't even want sweet breakfast.

This experiment shows the strength of our addiction to sugar. It's good to realize that and control the content of food products, which can be found in our trolleys. The easiest way of avoiding added sugar is preparing meals on your own from unprocessed products. The attempt of total rejection of sugar may be hard at the beginning, it may also require a lot of determination. However, if you start it, observe your body and mood. The changes you will experience will be the best inspiration for you not to stop.