Your fat can defend itself

Why is it so hard to lose fat? Well, there are many reasons, but there's no doubt that during undertaking proper actions you can experience yourself that there has to be some kind of “defensive reaction”, which makes it hard to lose weight. And it turns out, that this impression is properly justified. The mechanisms, thanks to which body fat protects stored reserves, have been revealed.

The problem of slimming

I suppose, the most pictorial explanation would be comparing stored fat to the financial reserves gathered in a bank. The situation when we force our bodies to use the substrates stored in adipocytes, e.g. during additional activity, is as rational as the situation when a stranger tries to convince us that, for our good sake, we should monetize and spend our financial deposit for some trinkets... And, the reaction in both cases is similar... resistance!

Hard going...

Practically speaking, it's easy to notice that the process of slimming is difficult. As far as primal kilograms can be lost without larger effort, each additional one seems much harder to disappear. The mechanisms which rule this dependency were usually described in the context of activity of particular hormones. However, it occurs, that there are also other factors, which may take part in the “defensive reaction” of the body.

Interesting discovery

A team of British and Japanese scientists from the University of Cambridge and Toho University, lead by dr Whittle, discovered in their research sLR11 protein, which is produced by adipocytes in order to protect themselves from intensified energy expenditure. It can be said that this protein somehow protects stored fat from releasing and burning. This happens because the process of thermogenesis is blocked. What's interesting, this effect has other consequences as well – it makes it easier to gain body mass during diet with excessive amount of energy. The researchers observed, that among rodents lacking the sLR11 gene, highly-calorific diet did not cause such increase of body mass, as in case of mice which had this gene.


The discovery mentioned above is not just an abstract “scientific curiosity”. The authors believe that thanks to isolating and setting the mechanisms, which mediate in the processes of protein sLR11 influencing the mechanisms controlling energy expenditure, it will be possible to do targeted actions in order to decrease its activity. In practice, it could make the process of losing weight much easier.