Why do women lose weight slower?

Unfortunately, it's not a gossip, but a fact: women usually lose weight slower than men. Is it unfair? Well, I think that you should think about the origin of such dependency before stating such judgments. After understanding the essence of this matter, which would include the causes and results, you can conclude, that ladies' situation is not that horrible. Instead, it occurs to be very intriguing in its nature.

Men weigh more

It's impossible to hide the fact that men are heavier than women. What's important, that it is caused by natural anatomic conditions and by the fact that men tend to deal with excessive body weight more often than women. Whichever situation it is – when women start slimming, they usually weigh significantly less than men at the same time. Why is it so important? Because we are used to perceiving the tempo of losing weight in absolute values: centimeters and kilograms, but it should be presented as a percentage of total body mass, or at least as a percentage of body fat given in kilograms. The truth is, that men lose kilograms much faster, but if we correct the result and refer it to the total body mass, it will occur that the tempo is similar to that of women.

Men start from higher numbers

In spite of the fact, that men are generally bigger and heavier than women, and they usually have larger problems with obesity and overweight, they also have another property, which lets them lose weight faster. As long as they don't have any problems to point out even the smallest imperfections in women's bodies, they often simply don't notice such problem in their case, and they seem to wake up when the protruding belly causes they are not able to bend forward to lace up their shoes. Whereas women pay more attention to their appearance and weight, and they take up actions in much earlier stages of the problem in order to solve it (and that such actions are not always right – this is a topic for another article). So, women start with lower level of body fat. And the more body fat we have, the faster we lose it.

Hormonal conditioning

Men have one significant advantage over women, which causes that they cope with slimming much better from the hormonal side – they don't have PMS. Unfortunately, menstrual cycle for women may cause various obstacles in the reduction of body fat, what is connected with increased craving before menstruation. The problem is additionally worsened by increased gathering of fluids, which is simply depressing – and it takes away the motivation because of its influence on the appearance and the result on the scales. It also decreases (at least temporarily) the chances of success by intensifying frustration and the need of compensation... with something sweet!

Psychological aspects

Psychological matters are able to complicate the work on the body a lot. Unfortunately, in case of women, it's more frequent to find problems, such as emotional eating. Treating food as a way of relieving bad emotions and mental tension is a nightmare of modern women. Perhaps, it's hard to believe it, but it's one of the hardest problems to break during slimming. As practice shows, during body fat reduction the need of “food compensation” is usually stronger.


Emotional attitude towards food, as well as some hormonal conditioning influencing the pace and direction of metabolic changes, cause that women, unfortunately, lose weight slower than men. However, it is pleasing that practically... women look better and are healthier than men, because, first of all, they start with lower level of overweight (or obesity) – which means that they “get their act together” earlier, second of all – they pay more attention to their appearance and to what they eat.