Christmas on diet or not?

Christmas is coming... Some people enjoy this time because they think that this is the moment during the whole year when they can omit diet and indulge, while others are worried if they give in to temptations, which will cause them lose the effects they have been working on for the past few months. What can we do to make this time pleasant and relaxing, and not stressful dietetic disaster and indigestion?

Christmas is definitely not the right time to count calories and prepare your own, precisely measured meals. It's the time which is usually spent with family or close friends. It should be time when we relax and rest. I think, that neither strict diet, nor total wantonness are a good solution.

Remember that overeating, or constant thinking about the things you could eat or deny, will be stressful for the body. Stress may be your biggest enemy. Unfortunately, it may be even worse than a piece of non-dietetic cheesecake.

Whether you should let yourselves leave diet for the time of Christmas and taste special meals, as well as the intensity of this fact, should mostly depend on your attitude. If you are one of those who are stressed with the thought of refusing a piece of pie from granny or auntie, I think, it would be better for you to just eat it. But one or two pieces, not the whole content of a baking tin.

But if you are one of those who remorse after eating something “forbidden”, you'd better let go. One piece of pie is not worth fighting with your own thoughts.

You can also try to prepare emotionally to this time and assume that you will let yourself leave the diet for one Christmas Day.

For sure, despite the fact that it's not the best time to eat chicken with rice form your own boxes, it's worthless to go to extremes. Three days of total gluttony may efficiently ruin your health. Of course, it will happen if you really exaggerate with food. It's good to find the golden mean. Do not change dramatically your dietetic routine. If you eat regularly, stay with this habit. It's good to leave diet only during some meals. For example, if you eat Christmas dinner or visit your grandparents on Boxing Day.

A good solution would be to prepare a few meals of your own using healthy recipes. This way you will have alternative to be able to choose healthier option. Perhaps you will be able to convince your family to culinary revolutions.

How to take care of good mood during Christmas?

Don't forget about hydration. Drink water!

It happens very often that when families sit by the table, they tend to forget about drinking water. Eating more than usually and drinking less than on everyday basis, can lead to dehydration and worse mood. If you remember about proper amount of fluids, you also eat less, because your stomach is filled with liquid. We often grab snacks and meals when sitting by the table even in a situation when our bodies are thirsty and need water.

Take care of digestion

Larger amount and diversity of dishes may easily lead to indigestion. It's good to drink water with lemon or fermented apple vinegar before the meal. You can also supply digestion enzymes. Also herbal tea, e.g. fennel or mint, is a good solution.

Physical activity!

Don't spend the whole days sitting by the table! I don't encourage you to train during Christmas, but to spend this time actively with your family and friends. Instead of sitting, go for a walk. When staying at home, find other interesting activities than eating. You can, for example, choose puns.

Don't gormandize!

Sins should be an addition to diet, not it's base. A piece of cheesecake will not harm anybody, but the whole baking tin definitely will.

If you have a big craving for something, leave it till the end. Before consuming cakes and pies, eat more valuable dishes. Choose fish, salads, borscht or cabbage with mushrooms. Avoid floury dishes, salads full with mayo or dishes poured with plant oil. This way you will be able to eat less sweets.

It would be best not to let yourself have the feeling of overeating and bad mood strictly connected with it. If you feel that you've eaten too much, and your digestive tract suffers, it's time for a short lent and herbal tea.

To sum up, Christmas is not the time for strict diet. However, it does not mean that it's an excuse for overeating. Keep restraint and remember that it's not the food that makes this time exceptional during the whole year.