Additional kilogram for Christmas?

Because of the fact that my recent articles have caused a lot of controversies and criticism, I've decided to continue this topic and bring more interesting information concerning the influence of Christmas on our health and shape. It's good to know that this issue was scientifically measured and leads to very intriguing conclusions...

Your fat is jumping for joy

It's not my problem

It's obvious that the problem of “Christmas kilograms” does not concern everybody, however, there is a large group pf people who end up their celebration in larger size. Some part of these individuals will take up proper actions and will get rid of the gathered excess kilos, but majority will probably not be able to do that. What's more, some part of people won't even consider solving this problem. Of course, after New Year there will occur a moment of impulse, but, according to practice, it will expire within few weeks. Does it have to be like this? Of course not, but it's very common...

Fatty statistics

There is data which states that we start to put on weight at some age. It usually starts to happen around the age of thirty, and sometimes much earlier! In case of some Western populations, the average increase of weight is about one kilgram per year. It doesn't seem much, but if you look at this problem from wider perspective, it may turn out that after ten years of such “slow” increase there is ten kilos more, and after two decades – twenty. At the beginning we don't see it as a problem, but after some time we look at some old photos, stand in front of a mirror and state that “it's impossible”... And we start to think how such situation could take place, since we don't overeat, lay in front of a TV, or base on low-quality food every day...

We usually put on weight during celebrations

Christmas influences our bodies significantly – it's not just a laic observation, but scientifically confirmed fact. The result of one of the studies, done by Stevenson, concerning the change in body mass and composition undergoing during Christmas among adults, was published in 2013 in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 100 women and 48 men at the age of 18 to 65 took part in this experiment lasting from middle November to the beginning of January. The conclusions occurred to be surprising.

It turned out that they gained, on average, 0.78kg. What's significant, higher increase was noticed among overweight and obese people rather than among people with proper body weight. Additionally, there was a general increase of blood pressure. But the most interesting fact was that physical activity in a form of regular workouts did not work as a prophylactic element. Individuals who trained did not gain less weight than inactive people. Of course, it does not mean that physical effort is unimportant for body mass and composition, but it is unable to protect us from the results of Christmas gluttony.


It may seem that 0.78kg of body fat is not that terrifying. However, losing it may be problematic for many people. So, it's worth taking under consideration the possibility, that Christmas will cause hard to correct imprint and, by the way, increase blood pressure. These effects are, obviously, inevitable. What's more, you don't have to deny all the culinary joy. But it's good to avoid greediness when it comes to consumption. There is no significant philosophy here, the key is restraint and common sense.