Who may succeed in the New Year?

The beginning of the new year is the time of a big test.That's when we are trying to realise new plans and resolutions, which concern, among others, the change of lifestyle, improvement of physical condition and body aesthetics. There's eagerness, motivation, first actions and … right. It often happens that it's over, but it's “often”, not “always”. After all, some individuals make it. Is there any recipe for a success?

The base is the plan, but... realistic one!

Having general attitude towards the matter of working on the shape never works well in practice. Creating imprecise resolutions, e.g. “I will eat less”, “I will limit eating sweets”, “I will move more”, make it harder to verify the actions on daily basis. Only those may succeed who set concrete realistic goals. Even if the plan is concrete, but impossible to achieve, bitterness will come very soon. The examples of realistic, clearly set actions are, e.g.:

  • “starting from 3rd January, I will go to fitness club twice a week”,

  • “I am appointing a visit at the dietitian's tomorrow”,

  • “starting from today, I am not sweetening tea or coffee”,

  • “starting from today, instead of buying chocolate bars, I am taking home-made second breakfast to work”.

You should remember about the fact that the total revolution is not necessary in the new year. It's sometimes enough to introduce slight changes, but do it consequently. Therefore, instead of turning your current way of eating upside-down, think what needs modifications and what doesn't. For example, if regularity is the advantage of your current menu, e.g. eating three meals at fixed time, there's no need of increasing the amount of meals in the menu (to 5 or 6), risking not being able to realise the plan because of the amount of obligations or other daily challenges. Scientific studies show that the amount of meals in the menu does not really influence the body mass and composition, but regularity is an important factor. A concrete realistic aim is not just a cliché, but an assumption which includes clearly stated action plan referring to the time of its realisation!

Simple rule “just do it!”

You can read wise books, pay for the workshops on “self-development”, talk about far-reaching goals and think of strategies of realising them, but all of that is for nothing if it's not supported with proper actions. Actually, the word “proper” is not good here, because it “stops” the speed which should accompany the actions. The difference between people who make it and those who don't is that the first group takes actions and moves on despite failures. Jim Rohn claimed that “success is a natural consequence of continuous use of the basic matters”. However, he meant “practical use”, i.e. action. There is usually a moment in life when you should stop “improving the plans and think of new action strategies” and just start acting. This moment is “today”.

Don't get discouraged by failures

Winston Churchill once said: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. He was 100% right in what he said. Every person who has achieved success can agree with it. People who don't care about failures and keep on going consequently to achive their goal – finally achieve it. Individuals, who are keen on stopping their actions after their first failure – lose for good. That's the age-old law of nature...

Speed up your motivation

There's no doubt that motivation is one of the key factors making it possible to achieve the set goals. Without the proper motivation, work becomes a boring and useless craft. That's why you should never lose your aim from your sight and try to appreciate even the smallest progress. Referring the circumstances mentioned above to the work on shape, you can say that neither the reduction of excessive body fat, nor building muscle mass, is an easy process. It's worth treating those as challenges and the possibility of taking up the fight against weaknesses and limits. This way you will assure yourself with the constant source of satisfaction.


In 2016 mainly those may succeed who will set clear goals and action plans in reference to time and particular dates, as well as those who take up actions and don't care about failures. That's the only certain recipe for achieving success.