Can we freeze again the thawed food products?

Have you ever wondered if you can freeze again a food product, which was frozen before? There's a common belief that we shouldn't do that. However, it occurs, that it's opposite. It depends on the way we thaw the foodstuffs.

Each kind of raw or cooked food may be thawed and frozen again, only if it's done properly.

There are three safe methods of thawing food:

  • in the fridge,

  • under cold water,

  • in a microwave.

You should not thaw meat, poultry, fish, or seafood by putting them on a table in the room temperature or by giving them under warm water. You should do that by putting such products in the fridge.

The bacteria like warmth and may multiply very quickly in room temperature. That's why leaving meat on a table or putting it under warm water is not a good idea.

If you thaw meat or fish in a microwave or cold water, you should nor freeze it again or put it in the fridge. Meat thawed this way should be cooked right away. Keeping such meat in the fridge may lead to its rottenness.

It's safe to thaw and freeze again fruit, vegetables, bread, bakings and processed food. However, this process may influence their texture, taste and colour. It often happens that foodstuffs after freezing and thawing are drier, pulpy and less delicious.

To sum up, it's not true that food products, which were thawed, cannot be frozen again. But you should remember about the fact that such process may influence the attractiveness of the food, its taste, colour and texture. Remember to do it in the right way.