Why are potatoes better than we think?

There's a general belief that potatoes fatten. People, who go on diet and those who care about their waistline a lot, often resign from this kind of vegetable. The truth is, that each food product, when eaten in excessive amount, may cause body mass or body fat increase. Potatoes, rice, oat flakes or groats may be similarly fattening.

The important issue, in case of potatoes, is the way we prepare them and in what form we eat them. The best option we can choose are boiled potatoes. It would be best, however, to steam boil jacket potatoes. At that time, they will keep the largest amount of nutrients, as they contain quite a lot of those.

The worst option are fried or deep-fried potatoes. You can easily notice them in fast-food restaurants. Potatoes prepared in such a way are definitely the enemy of a healthy slim body. They include a lot of hidden fat, therefore, their calorific content is much higher. Such potatoes are like a bomb, which hide hydrogenated fatty acids, also known as the trans fats.

Steam boiled potatoes served with, for example, dill, are a great alternative for rice and do not threat our shape. The problem are usually fatty sauces and additives which we usually add to the potatoes.

Why are potatoes good to be included in diet?

Most of all, potatoes have high satiety ratio. What does it mean? It means that one portion of potatoes with similar calorific content as rice will fill us more and the feeling of satiety will stay for longer period of time. Potatoes supply about 70-80 kcal in 100 g, from which 17 g are carbohydrates.

Against common belief, not bananas are the best source of potassium, but potatoes. Medium-sized banana provides about 420 mg of potassium, whereas, a medium-sized potato contains 926 mg of this element.

Potatoes also contain fibre – about 3-4g per 100g. Starch found in vegetables (also in potatoes) or in fruit may be a great source of carbohydrates for healthy people. Potatoes are also a great source of votamin C and B6.

Taking care of the sahpe doesn't have to mean resigning from potatoes. They can be a great source of carbohydrates and micro components. Remember to prepare and eat potatoes in the right way.