"Diet" – don't let yourself fail!

Diet, in common language, is understood as atypical and limited in time way of nutrition, which is supposed to help us gain less fatty shape. Whereas, diet is actually the way of nutrition, so one can risk saying that every person is on diet – but more or less adjusted to the needs and abilities of the body. What's more, we copy many dietetic mistakes throughout our lives, which is very common. Here are the most frequent dierary mistakes:

Larger sacrifice = better result?

In some cases, it could be like that, but, basically, the “sacrifice” of majority of people who want to change their looks is connected with taking hard to realise practically nutrition limits. Drastic cutting on calories and consuming very small portions of food, monotonous and distasteful food, these are the most common ways which are supposed to change the neglected shape “fast and miraculously”. But the results are usually opposite to what we expected. If someone is really motivated and wants to act efficiently towards improving the body aesthetics, health and mood, s/he should rethink his/her actions in order not to make the whole process harder. A really good first step, which is a big sacrifice for many people is detox from sweets. Such sacrifice can be actually efficient – under the condition, that nutrition is rationally balanced.

Guilt and remorse – essential elements of “being on a diet”?

Against common belief, the effectiveness of dietary procedures aimed at achieving particular goal depends on our way of thinking and attitude towards life. Acting according to the “all or nothing” rule often leads to frustration, and some small dietetic mistakes break down the whole process. Instead of acting constructively and conclude from the mistakes one has made, we tend to follow the negative emotions and start nervous atmosphere by ruining the feeling of effectiveness and resigning from trying. It's good to remember, that changing dietary habits is not simple. It requires time and strengthening some kinds of behaviour and way of thinking – that's why we keep on talking about working out healthy habits and work, as you know, needs some effort. That's why you should not be discouraged and you should act despite various difficulties or adversities.

Seasonal changes are permanent?

It's hard to expect that a temporary break from consequent ruining shape and health, in a form of few weeks of using well-thought menu and doing regular physical activity will bring permanent results. Resigning from doing the actions mentioned a second ago (way of nutrition, adequate for the body + physical effort) and going back to the old habits will definitely cause “old” problems. It's hard to expect for the same methods (sedentary lifestyle and menu consisting of poor-quality food products) to bring other effects. Only the permanent change of dietary habits and lifestyle will let you sustain the results, which are often visible after really hard work.


The change of current nutrition is a serious decision – the results of rash actions will be a bucket of icy water for the ambitions, and they may reflect on health and looks. That's why it's not worth risking and copying standard mistakes.