Why can't I sleep?

More and more people have problems with efficient night sleep. It is sometimes connected with serious diseases, however, the reasons are usually less drastic. Before you take some pills, you should deeply analyse your menu and think over the way you function. It may turn out, that some slight modifications may positively influence the quality of your sleep. Here are the most frequent reasons making us wake up tired in the morning:

First reason: the problem may be the supper!

The last meal eaten right before going to sleep may significantly influence the quality and quantity of sleep. It's definitely worth sacrificing some attention. The most common problems with supper are:

wrong time of consumption – the truth is, there's nothing wrong in planning and eating the last meal at almost 6 o'clock. But, the condition is that you cannot go to sleep at midnight then. At that time, the distance between the meal and sleep is too long – it would be best to make it about 2-3 hours, although, it is sometimes a very individual matter. Otherwise, the feeling of hunger (or overeating, if supper is eaten too late) will make it harder for you to go to sleep and it may cause you wake up very often.

Too small portion – fearing from excessive kilograms, symbolic size of supper is often observed in the menus aimed at improving body aesthetics. Such solution, especially, if training is late in the evening, makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Even if you do, there are often suggestive dreams concerning eating pork chops and cheesecake.

No carbohydrates – lack of carbohydrates in the evening meal may also be the reason of problems with sleeping. However, it does not mean, that the only right solution is to eat sweets or white bread – it's good to remember about the daily balance, as well as the aim of your dietetic solutions.

Second reason: too little amount of calories in total!

Especially the amateurs of achieving slim shape in the shortest possible time tend to cut down on calories drastically, which is also a very common reason of problems with sleep. In such situations it's good to verify your expectations – remembering about physiological limitations of the body, and modify the calorific content of diet in a way, so that hunger is not irritating all the time, especially during the night sleep.

Third reason: bacterial flora disorder!

It turns out that the bacterial flora may significantly influence the quality of sleep. Some time ago the disorder within this area – connected with wrong nutrition and permanent stress – were connected with the ailments of psychic nature, such as fear or depression. It may also influence the mood in a negative way. It's definitely worth taking care of your bacterial flora by thinking about what you are eating, basing on unprocessed food products, and also remembering to include fresh fruit and vegetables in the menu. It's also good to avoid products rich in preservatives and other food additives, as well as some sweeteners (saccharin) and refine sugars.

Fourth reason: workout too late

Although it may seem that doing hard workout is a great way of making falling asleep easier, practically speaking, it may be opposite. In fact, sometimes after intensive training one may feel fed up and fall asleep within a moment, but it may also happen that it won't be that easy to fall asleep after coming back home from a fitness club. The reason is that under the influence of physical effort, the levels of noradrenaline and adrenaline, i.e. catecholamines, raise, and they don't really foster calming down – they are rather stimulating. It's good to check if the reason of the problems with sleep is not too late training, and, if necessary, introduce proper changes.

Fifth reason: excessive amount of stimulants

The reason of problems with sleep may sometimes be the excessive amount of stimulants in diet, beverages and supplements. Compunds, such as caffeine, higenamine, plant extracts from dendrobium, and many others – may be stimulating for the nervous system. The effect of their activity sometimes lasts up to six hours, what causes difficulties with falling asleep when they are taken in the afternoon or evening. It's good to be cautious about stimulants and try not to take them even 6 hours before going to sleep.


Sleep is the time for the body to recover. If you observe problems with sleep lasting for a longer period of time, rethink your way of nutrition and... training, as well as the matter of supplementation. In case of no changes after introducing improvement, consult a doctor.